A Chapter by christine zapanta andes

"imagination is better than knowledge"



By: Christine zapanta Andes


                In an unstoppable noise-producing society of the 21st century world of technology, a simple ear plugs seem to be the best way to gain silence and peace which actually show to become my molding hobby when I take a 30-45 minute ride to school.

                As I looked upon the window of the jeepney, this song of Keira Knightly suddenly takes everything into a slow motion vision.

                ‘So you find yourself at the subway

With your world in a bag by your side

And all at once what seemed like a good way

You realized it’s the end of the line..’


                And as I watched the street flowing in front of my face, I realized that everybody is going busier and busier to pointless things, possibly, probably and eventually material things which somewhat define human consumption of time " I mean losing time; you know, time to share a laugh with someone you barely knew or crack a joke to a crowd of students or just sing a live song to street children or merely smiling at anyone who happens to look up at your face and tell in your eyes that hey, it’s been a great morning; yet I see the snoring mouth of a vendor yelling at a boy who’s hands were all craving for that hot bread of salt.

                That moment I’ve seen a world of drag and go. You go with the flow. You do what they do, but when you try to stop and look back you will see how many people were dragged down and stumbled even far from where you are. Well, I’m not as good as a priest to lecture about life; I’m just someone who happens to discover that indeed imagination is better than knowledge.


‘here comes the train upon the track

There goes the pain it cuts to black

Are you ready for the last act

To take a step you can’t take back..’


© 2014 christine zapanta andes

Author's Note

christine zapanta andes
I was just amazed by the movie begin again :)

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A outstanding chapter. Loud and strong. You brought me in and held my attention and I wanted more. Strong use of description and thoughts in the chapter. Thank you for sharing the outstanding chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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christine zapanta andes
christine zapanta andes

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