The Army Of Angels

The Army Of Angels

A Story by tmasse

I wrote this at least 5 years ago and havent touched or expanded on it since, heres a rough draft from when i was 12, it isnt even the full first chapter


So, I’ve been dead a long time and though there have been hard times, none have been as bad as this. Everything we know is wrong. As you can see I’m the kind of person to get right to the point. Often when I used to rest, (which seldom happens now,) I would think about how I would start an autobiography if I were to write one. I never could come to a decision. As they say, taking the first step is always the hardest part, but once you get going it flows freely. My tale is so amazing though, perhaps I should start it like this…

Once upon a time…

There was a 16 year old boy named David Johnson, (Guess who that was, me!) now, I know what your thinking, does this mean that I died young? No, I just have to start my life story somewhere, and I figured that starting at infancy would be pretty boring, and if I started in my adulthood you would be a little lost. I will try to go quickly through this because my life doesn’t get interesting until I die. So, high school all I did was do what a normal high school kid would do, work. It never gets fun until college. Basically all you need to know is that I was a math and science geek but I was also wicked in shape. Once I got out of high school I realized that being a nerd isn’t always a good thing. College rocked but I won’t go into details about that because that’s not what this is about. All you need to know about college is that I majored as an astronomer and minored as a chemist.

I continued in these careers and I joined the SMART program for the military which, basically, is for the people that don’t want to be shot at but still want to serve the country. This went well, we developed all sorts of top secret stuff that would be used against Russia and China and all others who dared oppose us. Fortunately the United States government had some sense in them and did not actually use these weapons, however the USA is just one country on one continent on one planet in one solar system in one galaxy in one universe, I assure you that there are much more important wars to fight. So, now that you know that I was interested in both space and science, I can tell you about my adulthood.

After I finished up in the SMART program I did follow my dream and became an astronaut, I had to exercise quite a bit to stay in shape due to the different gravitational pulls on the moon but I managed it. I lived a fairly normal life… until one day while I was on the moon my team and I were alerted of an incoming asteroid but the signal was sketchy so I didn’t hear it, the rest of my team pulled out, but I was struck, from behind by the meteorite and killed instantly.

The End…

As if… now you know my life’s tale, so now I can get into the interesting bit, my after life. I would tell you about my funeral, but I was not there and it is not nearly as interesting as what happens next.

When I was struck by the meteorite, there was a momentary blackness, or I should say that it seemed like blackness. What I did not know until later was that it was actually filled with little specks that I could not see. These specks were stars but I did not see them because I was moving 1 billion times the speed of light to the very edge of the space, as I said the blackness was only momentary. Once I got past the edge of space, I was hit by a dazzling display of light and color. I thought to myself, well that concludes it, I’m dead. Technically I was right, I was dead, but my life was just beginning so to speak. It was hardly the conclusion; in fact it was the beginning…

As soon as I popped out into the dazzling light I thought that I would be unable to see, but to my surprise I saw everything, In fact I saw it a little better than I would if I were alive. There was a certain crispness in the air, like when you are the first to wake up on a family camping trip and all is silent and beautiful and you feel like you own this little pocket of earth and you have it all to yourself. This all lasted for around a grand total of five seconds before I noticed that there was someone beside me. The figure had wings and a glowing halo above his head. He was garbed all in white and clutched a staff of gold. He had a beard that looked of snow and… he was speaking to me… the voice, it sounded like music. It took me a moment to understand what he was saying, I thought he had said, “Art mule ale rate?”… The most beautiful words I ever heard, but what was he saying? Suddenly he touched my shoulder and shook me gently. Then he repeated himself, “I said, are you all right?”

© 2014 tmasse

Author's Note

Completely unedited version, i hope to expand upon it soon

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If you wrote this when you were 12, I'd urge you to get more invested in writing!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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New Bedford , MA

I am a 17 year old single male who has never been too invested in writing, however i believe there are some things that should be written and there is no point in writing if no one can see it. I am f.. more..

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