Demons and Madness

Demons and Madness

A Stage Play by Anor

 A :Come in, Mr Hassan. Do sit down. How are you today?
 B :(nervously) I'm... um... well? I don't know, I feel the same.
 A :The same? Hmm, no improvement?
 B: N- no. I still feel bad. My head is all wonky.
 A: Can you still hear it? Are the voices still there?
 B: Y-yes. Please, make it stop. I don't know why I'm thinking like this. I-I've never had this problem before. 
 A :You did tell me this the last time, Mr Hassan. Are you sure you're not suffering from a minor case of amnesia? (tutting) We'll certainly have to look into you more carefully.
 B: I KNOW I TOLD YOU!... Sorry. Please, forgive me. I didn't mean to do that. It's just that it's so bad. They said you were the best there was. They said you could fix anyone's head. Please, please! You've got to help me.
 A: I intend to do just that, Mr Hassan. Now, I'd like you to tell me what these voices are like. We'll be continuing on from the progress of our last meeting.
 B: Well, it's like I told you. They whisper to me. They've got so many voices. I feel old, young, weak, irresponsible, childish, burdened; all at once. In fact... everything which ever made me feel bad, they say it. They whisper it.
 A: "They"? So, to you, these voices are as an external influence? You don't associate them with your own mind? 
 B: I... I haven't thought about it. I guess that they are a bit different from me. They just don't feel *right*, like something I might have done. It feels wrong. It's not me.
 A: You are entirely sure?
 B: N- well, maybe-
 A : Are you or are you not sure of this? I believe this to be a crucial moment in the proceedings, and I require your utmost concentration.
B: (assertive) Yes. I'm sure. Completely. It's not how I think. Out of the question.
A: Do you believe that you may have what is known as an "alter ego", Mr Hassan?

B: What? No, I'm normal. I've only ever been me.

A: That may just be what you think.

B: That is what he thinks. Poor fool.

A: Mr Hassan?

B: He's not too smart, sometimes. Won't stop obsessing over it himself. Must be hard to feel so... inferior. Don't you think so? 

A: It seems we're making a measure of progress.

B: He never really looks beyond the obvious, does he? Lacks that little bit of... perspective.

A: It seems you've changed somewhat, Mr Hassan. You don't mind if I call you that, do you?

B: Call us whatever it is you will. Man has never had a name for us, yet we have always been here. Always watching. Always preying. We are to humans as the lion is to the gazelle.

A: What does that make us, then?

B: Nourishment.

A: What you mean to say is that you're a malevolent entity feeding on Mr Hassan?

B: His thoughts, to be precise. The memories of a frightened man are the most succulent of meals. He means nothing to us. His life is worthless.

A: Why would you say this?

B: Because it is the truth. Man is the only creature which feels compelled to lie, and for this it is punished. The beauty of pure objectivity is something which it is beyond your ability to appreciate.

A: How would you justify calling it the truth?

B: He has no friends. He has no family. His dreams amount to nothing more than jarring nightmares. He fears for his job. He has no hobbies. He feels more and more afraid of the future with every passing moment. What is there to not be considered pathetic?

A: That's certainly a profound judgement to pass on a man. Does he then no longer care for his life?

B: It matters not, he does not deserve it.

A: Were I to attack you now, how would you respond?

B: I would not. Hassan, on the other hand. It is a trying question, to say the least. The man is a wreck, which leads him to be somewhat of a wildcard. Not enough exposure. Not enough testing. All that he is is childish naivete. There's a limit to how far he'll grow. Mentally, that is. I could make him jump off a cliff if I wanted too. It wouldn't even be hard. All it would take is a little nudge in the right direction. He'd throw himself off. Fall-fall-fall- BANG! That'll be the end of that. Perhaps I will do that, shortly. I am in dire need of a new shell.

A: And you believe that he will give in without protest?

B: Shouldn't be too hard. I'm sure he's more than willing to comply. He's very bad at resisting me. I am his master, he is but a pawn. I prey upon him, and perhaps one day, I'll finally devour him whole. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. It will not be long, now.

A: This is all very enlightening, Mr Hassan. I see now much more clearly what insecurities you have.

B: Don't bother, he can't hear you.

A: I do believe you can, Mr Hassan. I think you could hear me all along.

B: What are you trying to imply, man!? Do not disrespect those greater than you.

A: I believe you're the one talking, too. You're consciously moving your lips and forming sounds, aren't you, Mr Hassan?

B: You tread on treacherous grounds here. Falter, and you may be chosen to be our new shell. It won't be something you enjoy.

A: Please, Mr Hassan. Spare me your childish fantasies. They have been helpful, but we do not need them any longer. We must move on to the treatment, don't you agree?


A: I'm going to have to ask you to stop shouting, Mr Hassan. You'll frighten the neighbours. Now, snap out of your little daze and talk to me properly. We don't have time to waste. This façade of yours only lengthens your healing process. Now, *snap out of it*.

B:  YOU FOO-... Oh dear. I must have dozed off. Please forgive me, I've been doing that a lot lately.

A: Not at all, Mr Hassan. You have been most productive.

B: I haven't been talking in my sleep, have I? That would be most embarrassing. It certainly doesn't feel like it, though. I feel a lot better than I have in a while. You certainly *are* one of the best. Thank you.

A: Thanks are not in order. I was simply doing my job. I do believe we've accomplished enough for today. Do come back tomorrow, Mr Hassan. You've been most intriguing.

© 2013 Anor

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this one owns a truly interesting concept.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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