Some things are worth waiting for ♡

Some things are worth waiting for ♡

A Poem by Bad Wolf~


So many nights I lied awake,
wondering when tough luck would give me a break.

In my darkest hour I wanted to fade away,
Low was my spirit until you came my way
Though when your I met you on that night out,
Little did I know
of how important you'd become to me.

You're both my saviour and my greatest fear,
my poison and my antidote,
Glad that you did never hear
me crying over you
And yet in my darkest hours you're the one person
Who can come through
to me and calm me down.

Together we're somewhat sweetly awkward at times
(Yet never 'soft'),
While other times we're impulsive, profound and chaotic
yet there's one thing we always are;
so very 'real' and magnetic.

Our love might not be the easiest
but it surely has potential to be one of the greatest
We struggle with anxieties and get upset,
we forgive and don't stop trying

Through it all I never give up or forget-
Nor stop believing that our love's worth all the chaos,
cause against all odds I don't give up on us,
I believe we've got something special.

I swear if these feelings won't change over time,
we'll find a way eventually 
(Once we're lost no more)
to be together for good,
So let's hope that nothing will change and that one day we'll be able to say
' I still feel the same way as before'
(But figured out what we want for sure this time)

Until that day arrives
we'll have to watch the sand flow through the hourglass,
Wishing that our moment will come;
That one day in the future we'll finally be able to cheer 
' Together at last!'

I hope that one day we'll be able to hold each other
and not have to let go anymore,
Because from that day on
love will be an open door.

© 2015 Bad Wolf~

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Added on June 3, 2014
Last Updated on January 24, 2015
Tags: love, faith in future, future, hope


Bad Wolf~
Bad Wolf~

United Kingdom

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A Poem by Bad Wolf~