I Still Miss You

I Still Miss You

A Poem by Tomatowolf

A song from Bella Swan's perspective after Edward leaves in New Moon.


V. 1

Your picture used to hang on my wall,

but now it hangs in my heart.

Put up with nails that pierce me through,

won't let it go.

It's my only memory of you.


The room has grown stale today,

your luscious scent has gone away.

The air is cold with my regret,

it won't fade,

I still miss you.



It's tortured me. You leave me here

day after day,

my soul grows cold and full of tears

that can't be shed,

and I can't go on without you here.


V. 2

You said you loved me always,

once upon a time.

Fairy tales really don't come true,

my prayers go unanswered...

because of you.


Time must pass me by each day,

it fades away.

The hole in my heart crumbles more and more

because of you....





I can't take this anymore!

My heart is shattered glass upon the floor.

My soul is broken into two,

it's unbelievable that I... still miss you.


© 2009 Tomatowolf

Author's Note

I am not good at songs/poems!!!! So don't critique too harshly, please. The rhythm of the song makes it less awkward than when it's being read, lol.

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I like it.... I haven't heard you sing this before, have I? Well, see, NOW you HAVE to sing it for me!! Muhahahahaha!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2009



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