Good Works

Good Works

A Poem by Tomatowolf

Being a good person doesn't get you into heaven. Having faith in Christ and doing good works for Him gets you in.


Some would say that death is grave,

that life is what they really crave.

"There is a heaven, but no hell,

and all my life I've done quite well.

I should go to that blessed place,

for my deeds were good," they'd make their case.

"For heaven wants only the good,"

They think they've got it understood.


When asked about what heaven is,

they make no mention of being "His".

"Just happiness always," is what they say,

assuming there they'll always stay.

And when asked about Jesus, they gasp!

"There's no such thing," they dare to rasp.

For them, then, heaven's a selfish place,

it's what they want, no mercy or grace.


How come heaven is so great,

but not our God, who decides our fate?

Jesus Christ made a place for us,

not intending for such fuss.


Did not Christ create this post?

So we'd live with our heavenly host?

He made this wonderful spot eternal,

to take us from all that is infernal.


So how could people make such a mistake?

When Christ even died for their sake?

Is heaven simply that generic?

Or are believers just esoteric?


Whatever it is, the case remains:

only good works will end in vain.

Listen to our Lord's decree:

"No one gets to the Father, except through me".

© 2009 Tomatowolf

Author's Note

I'm not saying that good works aren't needed for a healthy, Christian relationship. On the contrary, "faith without works is dead", says the Bible. I'm just tired of hearing people say that they're going to heaven because they're a good person. That's not the case. So I wrote this little poem.

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This poem is really good!

I think the way you have it posted really helps it flow.

I'm with you on the "I'm going to heaven because I'm a good person" or "they're going to heaven because they've done so many good things", forgetting that with out Christ we'll burn.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2009
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