It's Nothing... Just Quit

It's Nothing... Just Quit

A Poem by Actress999

*sigh* It's a long story...

You say it will be fun
To do it together
To see everyone
To be part of something special

You say we'll be the leads
We'll be the leaders
We'll be the role models
We'll be the best

When it doesn't work out
You sulk
You cry
You act like it's just not fair

But it is

You know we are the best
But not for the reasons you think
We are best for one another
We compliment each other
When we're on stage together, nothing is impossible
We shine
We glitter
We take over and make it a show

So go ahead
Throw it away
Make me cry
Show me how much you really care
Don't play with my mind
You're special to me
A best friend I always wanted
Maybe even something more

But now
When you've said you're done
So am I
Yes, we can still be friends
But knowing that you gave up on me
When life gave you what you thought you didn't deserve
Everything you worked hard for
To you, you've just lost it
To me, you've begun to show how great you really are

And maybe it's not a lead in a musical
Maybe it's not a lead in a play
Maybe it's not the star of the show

But I can assure you
That you are in fact one of the few characters
That have a lead in my life
In my mind
And in my heart.

© 2010 Actress999

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Added on September 25, 2010
Last Updated on October 24, 2010
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I'm an aspiring actress (as my nickname suggests), that loves to spend a lot of free time writing. I believe that every person has their own way of looking at life, but I happen to like writing my out.. more..

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