Reflection Of Perfection

Reflection Of Perfection

A Chapter by TopHatGirl

Aurora has a strange nightmare, and the events after that... Chapter 2

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Reflection Of Imperfection

   I toss and turn that night, trying to block out the bad thoughts haunting me. I keep thinking of Mrs. Hunt, and it bothers me. I hate my power, I never asked for it. The first memory I saw was my twin brother's, Marcus, and it was only him sitting in a dark corner cutting himself. It wasn't a huge shock, everyone knew he had some deep problems after our father abandoned us. Or mother died giving birth to us, so our father couldn't take care of us. We woke up one morning when we were ten to find that he was gone. I was sent to Riverbrooks Boarding School, and Marcus was sent to a boarding school for boys. We send letters, but I miss him dearly.
     I look over at Maddie, who's still sound asleep. I wonder if she has nightmares about her father. The thing about Riverbrook, is that every single girl who lives here has had some trauma in their lives. Its like a shelter. I sigh and close my eyes, and drift off to sleep.


     It takes me a while to register that I'm in a dream. My vision is weird, like those old black and white movies where you can't see much detail or colors. Its raining, and I'm standing in the middle of an old road. Even though I can't see the color of the sky, I can tell its nighttime by the soft glow of the lamps. Suddenly, I see a shadow dart across the road into an alleyway. My instincts tell me to follow it, because it wouldn't be in a dream if it wasn't important. I carefully step into the alleyway, but all I see is a couple of large wooden boxes. I gingerly peek inside the boxes. I scream, for what I see is me. I'm a corpse, with spiders crawling out of my eyes. I run from the alleyway as quickly as possible. I can feel my body dissolving from the dream, and before awaken, I swear I could see the shadow, chuckling maniacally.


       My eyes flutter open and I sit straight up in bed. It was just a dream, it was just a dream. I repeat to myself. I glance at the clock, 2:36 AM , it read. I sigh and stand up from my bed, afraid to go back to sleep. I walk over to the vanity mirror, to check that spiders weren't coming out of my eyes. Everything's normal, reflection moves. I did not flex a muscle, and yet my reflection moves. I gasp, but she does not gasp with me, instead she smiles. I reach over to touch the mirror to make sure it is not a window, and I am sucked into a memory.

© 2010 TopHatGirl

Author's Note

Chapter 2, Review. Oh, and the sentences at the top were made up by me.

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Aah, A trip down the memory lane.Splendid work *Claps*

Posted 12 Years Ago

I actually quite like the little quote at the top. Very interesting.
And, what's more, the chapter was even better than the quote, so no overpowering there!
I really like this chapter. Nothing like the last one (sublime) but it's... great!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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