Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

A Chapter by TopHatGirl

Aurora is sucked into a memory of her own, which includes her supposedly dead mother...

       I don't like free speech.-Irony

Nobody Knows

    How the hell was I sucked into my own memory? I think as I look at myself, sitting on a bed, scribbling in a notebook.  I am puzzled, this girl, myself, doesn't look younger, in fact, she looks the same age as me. Must be been the immediate past. Except...I don't remember this. I have never been in this room in my life, and I don't write in notebooks. I watch myself tear out the page she is writing on, and toss it in the trash, almost obviously. She starts scribbling again.
    "Aurora, sweetheart! Dinner is ready!" a woman calls from downstairs. The girl gets up from her notebook, and walked downstairs. I follow her, and watched her sit down at a table. A woman emerges from the kitchen, carrying a large soup pot. I gasp at her face, for I recognize her. She is my mother.
      I have her picture stuffed in a drawer in my dorm that I pull out and just look at forever. It is marked with tear stains, because when I look at her I cry when I think things like,"My eyes are like hers," and "She has Marcus' smile." And now I am seeing my mother right here. I want to hug her, but when I try to touch her my hand is shocked slightly and I pull it back. I start to cry, tears of joy, because I never thought I would see my mother in my lifetime. But there are sad tears in there, because I know she cannot see the real me.
       What is going on here? I have never met my mother, and here is the memory me, sitting and having soup with her. I go upstairs back to the room I was in before. I sit on the bed, head in my hands, thinking. I notice the trashcan, and and the crumpled scrap in there from before. Curious, I pick it up and smooth it out. Its a note:
    You have entered a memory you are not supposed to see. You do not belong here, it is too dangerous. This is not your place. Leave now, and don't return. Don't trust anything you see, for it is a trick. Trust me. Because I am you.


    I read the note, confused. How did she know I was here? And how is it dangerous? I have no time to think, for I am sucked back into reality.

I am back on the vanity mirror, and stare at my reflection. I turn my head side to side, and it copies. I touch my nose, and it follows. I sigh with relief. I crawl back into bed, and for once, I do not think. I just sleep.


    Maddie shakes me awake.
   "Aurora! We're late! Get your lazy a*s outta bed!" she yells in my ear. I hop up, and glance at the clock. 8:02. S**t, we are late. I throw on my tacky uniform, and rush to class with Maddie. We bump into none other than, Mrs. Hunt. Damn my luck.
   "Oh hello, Mrs. Hunt, we just forgot something, going back to class now." Maddie lies smoothly.
   "Miss Kline, I know you are lying, because all classes are canceled today. I am guessing you did not hear the announcement?" she says.
    "Announcement....?" I echo.
   "All classes are canceled,
 due to the fact that one of the staff went missing last night," she says, and I wonder who it is. She continues," You may go back to your rooms." Mrs. Hunt turns down the hall.
    "I'm gonna go get some breakfast. I'm starving," Maddie says when Mrs. Hunt has left. "Wanna come?" I shake my head.

"Nah, I'm going to sleep some more." I say.
    " 'Kay, later." she says.
    "Later!" I say, but she's already gone. I go back to the dorm, but I will not be going back to sleep.
     "Hello, Aurora." A voice says, and I look. He is the shadow from my nightmare.

© 2010 TopHatGirl

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Chapter 3!

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Wow! The dream itself was freaky-deaky but then the shadow guy just added to the freaky-deaky.
Cooleo work, keep writing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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