Trouble In Paradise

Trouble In Paradise

A Chapter by TopHatGirl

The Queen wants something.

"I just want something for nothing. But nothing's unconditional."-The Bravery.

    - XxXxXxxXxXxx-
    "Queendom of what?" I ask.
     "Is this in America, or something?" I ask, feeling dumb. He sighs deeply.
     "First of all, there are no queendoms, or kingdoms, in the United States. Learn you're geography. Second, this queendom is in another world," he says. My mind clicks away, like gears on a motor, trying to organize this information. Zenith? Is that a name? Another world? Where exactly? It seems like Earth.
      "So...." I choose one of the many questions in my head. "why am I here?"
      "To meet Zenith, our queen," he says, as if that explained everything.
      "And why?"  I ask. It seems like all of my dialogue right now is asking. Oh, well.
      "Because she wants your powers," he says, then he hits me in the head with the side of his fist, hard. And everything slips away.


    My head pounds, like a mother....I can't even finish my cuss words. That's how much it hurts. And it's dark. I can't even see a faint outline of my hand. I can tell I'm in a confined space, because I can't stretch out my legs. Hey, I'm not claustrophobic. But when you suddenly wake up in a place where you can't even crane your neck to look around, it get's pretty scary. The whole room(or maybe I'm in a box) is vibrating and shaking. Like I'm in a car. Maybe I am.
   I start to pound my fist against the box, in a desperate sort of way. I can't get enough impact, because I can't extend very far. I feel like crying. But, crying won't get me far. Suddenly I wish that I had a cooler power, like the superheroes in movies. Super strength or laser beams would be helpful right now. But what can I do? I see memories. Big whoop. I shift my position to get a bit more comfortable(as if) and I wait until whatever I'm in stops.


    Light blinds me temporarily. I shield my eyes, and see Leo the Shadow Man. Great. I stumble out, landing on cold gravel. I take in a few deep breaths. Fresh air. Then I get up, saving my dignity.
    "Sorry about that," he says apologetically. I scrunch my hands into fists, then take a swing at him. My knuckle is about a millimeter from his chin, when his hand comes up and grabs my hand. He twists my arm around so it's behind my back. I gasp in pain, then bite my tongue.
    "Nice reflexes," I mutter bitterly.
    "Just part of the job," he says, smirking. Oh, if only I knocked out a few of those pearly whites. I look up, and I see the hugest castle in my life. It's also the only castle I've seen in person but whatever. There's a fountain out front, of dolphins squirting out window glass water. Roses surround the fountain. The castle itself is magnificent. I think the length is more than a few kilometers long. The stairs are made of marble, and the whole place seems to shine. I look behind me, and I see that I had been traveling in a rusty white van in a box. Seems to contradict, no?
     "Excuse me? But have we arrived?" I ask. Leo smiles.
      "Yes, mi' lady. Welcome to Zenith's Palace," he says. Then, he pulls out a strange looking gun. It's white and has a lot of colourful bells and whistles on it. A little red light flashes on the side. He points the alien gun at my back.
      "Move." I obey.

   The Queen is wearing a yellow gown. What kind of queen wears a yellow gown? Yellow is my least favourite colour. Her hair is long, silky, and blonde. Her crown is intricate, looking like delicate flowers were placed on her head. Yet something about her gives me the willies. Maybe it is the way her head is cocked ever so slightly, or the way her lips are in a very subtle smile, like she knows something that I couldn't ever possibly imagine. Leo gets down on one knee.
   "Your Majesty, I have brought the girl," he says. Maybe I imagined it, but there is a slight pang in his voice when he says 'majesty.' The Queen, Zenith, smiles full on, her teeth bright and white.
    "Excellent. You have done well, my pet." She extends a polished finger, and strokes my cheek. I feel her cold breath on my skin sending the little hairs on the back of my neck on red alert. "So, Aurora. Do you know why you're here?" she asks. I shake my head.
     "No, Your Majesty," I say shakily.
     "I'm going to harvest you."

© 2010 TopHatGirl

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