Tea Party

Tea Party

A Story by TopHatGirl

What else is there to do when the end of the world hits you?


    Hot steaming tea was pored into the cups, smoke rising up and heating their cold faces. The tablecloth was straightened, and restraightened, as the waiters and servants asked tentatively if they could go home, to kiss their children and hold their loved ones. One of the two sitting down shooed them away, wished them best, and crossed her legs.  She turned, and smiled at her companion, who smiled in return.

    "I love you," Rosalie said delicately, face emotionless as she sipped her tea.

    "And I with you," Kathina returned, facing towards the window. Her partner did the same. 

    Outside, the city was torn, ravished, grey plasters of the apocalypse. Nothing was ever going to be the same, and no one expected the world to be saved, and yet, they still held on. Fires blazed on, screams echoed through the night, and everything was crumbling. There were circles of prayer forming in the most sinned of the city, and looting, including rebelry, happening in the saintly havens. Gunshots echoed through the night, cries of lost children rang through the day. It was happening. The world is over. Rosalie took another sip.

     "Expected," she said casually.

     "You aren't scared?" Kathina asked.

      "Of course I am. What I cannot foresee is always a frightening occurance. But..." she sets down her cup, turning away from the window. "I do have you."

    The sky turns a deathly black, red clouds and blood streak across the sky like a stray paintbrush. Ninety percent of the world has already parished.

    "And for that, I am thankful," Kathina replies, placing her pale hand upon Rosalie's. Together, they gaze out the window, waiting.


© 2011 TopHatGirl

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well... at least they got the night off i mean you don't want to be working the night of the apocalypse i liked it

Posted 7 Years Ago

Funny. I never thought that the end of the world could be so....casual. I love the idea and description of it!
Thanks to your story, if I'm around to see the end of the world, I sure as heck am having a tea party to celebrate my existence. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I'll take two lumps in my tea, thank you.

Kathina? ok.

I hope their tea doesn't get cold...... but at least they DID give the servant's the night off. Bully for them... lol

Fun stuff as always... your wit seems to be aging like a fine dry wine... or is that whine?

Posted 7 Years Ago

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