Uneasy Confusion

Uneasy Confusion

A Poem by topsyturvy

When in doubt?

Lost in the depth of buried hatred, she yields into the dark abyss. Hidden she scrambles for life he has promised. No longer smothering in self pity, she shies away from the night that holds every little thing dear to her. Come take me, she cries out loud as she can no longer bear the emptiness of feeling nothing and everything at once. I've lost.

I can no longer mask these burdened thoughts. It pours like vomit. I grieve for those who hear it, who see it and those who need it to survive. Chaos reigns this night.

Not many understand why we share the things we do. They seem to think its an act of superiority or a driving need to prove oneself, or even an act of imbalance. Yet they can't see the meaning behind why we do the things we do. They can't accept it, they won't understand it. They can't, for they've never experienced it. A shout out to people who can't contain it. You get it don't you?

Then this light comes, though distorted it still comes. What you once believed in, whom you believed in, who you believe in, leaves. Like a bubble gone astray, you wonder.

Whatever happened to long kisses and sad goodbyes? The thought of parting brings tears to your eyes. Whatever happened to the memories, both good and bad? The one who comforts you when you are sad? No wonder why they say that people always leave, they're all around, never in one place. Why people love to travel, for all the good it'll cost them. For all the sacrifices, hardships and experiences we've shared. Is it lost and forgotten, like a bubble you've gone astray.

© 2013 topsyturvy

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Very nice, All is but a lesson learned to pass on to the next one. Less mistakes to be made on the new one. We get no place if we never learn. Life is filled with lessons but people prefer to label it regrets. Learn from every memory good and bad, even the ones you think forget, they don't and you won't. Sometimes the ones that leaves just weren't meant to be there for a reason but you learn that down the road.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 2, 2013
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