A Story by Tori Adams

For the Incomplete Story Contest


          At the age of seven I was seperated from my family. Pulled into a secret portal with no escape, I was forced to learn how to live on my own from that point on. The world of which captured me was dark and mysterious. There was no grass, no air, no clouds, no sun, no anything. It was a world made of nothing. Of course, when the world is made of nothing, that means there is also nothing to eat.

     For months I starved. My stomach howled constantly until one day a large yellow berry fell hard onto my head. In a daze, a searched the ground of nothing for the berry that could possibly save me from starvation. A few yards away from where I stood, I saw the berry rolling down a steep hill. The berry was bouncing off of invisible bumps that were apparently located in various areas on the mysterious worlds ground. I had never noticed these bumps before as they were, in fact, very invisible indeed.

     After about an hour of sprinting after the escaping fruit and nearly tripping several times, it finally stopped as a large boot ceased it in its tracks. This large black boot was attached to a leg, and that leg to a body, and that body to a head, and that body to a face. The face appeared mean and old-fashioned. The figure was obviously that of male specimen as he had a thick black mustache and a large, sharp, jawline. At least that was what I remembered about the men in my previous world. Of course I hadn't seen another living being in over eight years. Nor had I seen my own face since then. I am sure that I am of the female specimen as I do remember having a pink bedroom and a fondness for dolls and playing dress up.

     The mysterious human was also wearing what seemed to be male clothing. He dressed in dark black pants, tall black boots, and a purple waistcoat with a silky white shirt underneath. Although one of his eyes was covered with a spectacle, I could see that his other eye appeared to be that of a deep brown color. His skin was wrinkly yet smooth so I guessed that he was probably around fifty-eight years old as my grandfather, who I remember having similar skin texture,  was before I was sucked into this horrid place.

     As I glanced up to his shiny bald head he searched down to my hungry eyes and with a sigh let go of the yellow fruit he was holding beneath his boot. I quickly gathered the treat. Cradling the dodgeball sized food in my arms, I chomped into it hungrily. As the thick juice flooded into my mouth I could taste various flavors of fruit that I remembered eating from when I was a child. It was delicious. Looking up past the fruit, I noticed that the man had vanished from his previous location and was now standing upon a tree that I had not noticed earlier.


To be continued...

© 2010 Tori Adams

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Added on March 31, 2010
Last Updated on November 19, 2010
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Tori Adams
Tori Adams

Atlanta, GA

I am a thirteen year old aspiring young writer that is currently in the process of writing their very first novel. I do not have much more to say about myself as I am a relativley simple human being t.. more..

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