a queer theology

a queer theology

A Poem by toza

a queer (me) meets beloved, holy Yeshua in a church or perhaps at a pride parade


I. surely, when i see Him,
i'll throw myself on the ground
before Him
and kiss His bare copper feet
and gravel on the ground
before the Holy Son.
(the cross around my neck has been heavy,
the cross on my shoulders heavier still)


II. He wears blue jeans and no shoes and
a plain white shirt -- He needs no adornment,
the world leans toward Him.
(no halo, but the sunlight spilled in His hair;
no throne, but He just glows, doesn't He?
He glows)


III. the oceans could not hold
all the tears i would cry
if i could cry at
His feet
until the end of time.


IV. "why do you cry, my child?"
i'm sure if these mortal
eyes could allow
i'd cry and cry until
the earth floods,
as in Noah's time --
build myself an Ark and
be there with Him
all this time.


V. i cannot even bring myself
to utter His Holy Name.
these mortal lips are unworthy to be
"My Lord --
my Savior, my Mother, my Light, my
Sweetest, my Dearest --
why have you abandoned us?"
(the hard-shelled, stone-and-brick christians
brandish their signs like a gun -- "set,
aim, fire!"
the pride flag on my back is
a funeral shroud)


VI. His lips drip with Salvation, His eyes
are full of Grace.
Those hands etched with Hope pick
me up and
into His embrace.
and, as always, He knows what lurks in my heart:
"Verily I tell you:
What they did for the least of you, my children,
they have done for Me.
And it seems
they did not do much:
my children bear those signs like


VII. and i could do nothing but cry and
cry and
cry and
"Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua"
my Savior and my Pride.

© 2017 toza

Author's Note

ignore the incorrect capitalization, it's Aesthetic(TM)

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May I say, I found this by the title and it was the "queer" Theology that caught my eye the most. I was taken aback just a bit by the actual context of the poem, but did not find that I could stop reading as the emotion of the whole poem was real. I loved the expression of love in the poem, I loved the expression of emotion of self, and I loved the style of the poem in general. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Beautiful expression of love for Him. He promises to "dry every tear." Oh, how I am looking forward to that! Thanks for sharing.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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I love this! It's beautiful

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on June 6, 2017
Last Updated on June 6, 2017
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