A Sad Life

A Sad Life

A by Trent Blake



Well I was going to do some interesting poems and talk about more random things here, but something has come up. I have a mentally ill uncle who's had lots of trouble in his life. Last night he showed up at my grandmother's house incoherent and saying he didn't want to live anymore, that his life has been too hard and he can't go on. My grandmother went to bed and she woke up in the morning to find him unconscious. He overdosed on his medications. He's in the hospital now on a ventilator. They said if my grandmother wouldn't have found him when she did he would be dead. They also said he might not live. He's had a rough life and has struggled so much. My mom just came home from the hospital and asked me to pray with her, that God will take him on home if it's time. He has a son. But they don't know each other that well. If my uncle dies I'm going to send my cousin all of his dad's old letters. My cousin keeps himself distant from us, he never knew us until a few years ago. It's hard for him to face the reality of who his father is.


This is all I'm posting on this site. I plan on doing some writing on myspace. Just getting warmed up.



© 2008 Trent Blake

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Thank heavens myspace went down in time for you to come back here and keep posting your journal.

Posted 9 Years Ago

well trent i do hope your uncle gets through this well.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 10, 2008