My Tombstone Confession

My Tombstone Confession

A Poem by Trista



My Tombstone Confession
Sitting on top of your fresh grave,
how I miss your laugh.
The most beautiful sound in the world.
And now this silence is killing me.

Something is pressing against my heart, keeping me from breathing.
Something I wish I would have told you long ago.
Tracing the dirt on top of your grave, I suppose I'll tell you now.

You are the one who I am going to miss everyday.
And your the one who i'm going to cry over every night.
Your hand is the only one that i'll ever want to hold.
And no one else's lips will after feel right against mine except yours.

I hope your happy were you are now, because thats all iv'e ever wanted for you.
I don't understand why your gone, and why you did what you did.

I have been hurt, and angry, confused and sad.
But I wanted you to know, that I forgive you know, even if i never understand.

I don't know if your even listening to me, but i have a feeling you are.
Only the dead will ever know the secrets i'm telling you know.
And only the dead will hear this tombstone confession spilling from my mouth.

I wish I would have told you when i still had the chance, but my dear, It was always you i loved.
and you will always be the only one to completely own my heart.

© 2008 Trista

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Added on May 5, 2008



Daegu, South Korea

Hello =] I'm Trista. I'm 16. I happen to live in South Korea with my dad and brother ^^ I haven't been on this site in several months, but I'd like to change that. I've had writers block for the past .. more..

Dreamland. Dreamland.

A Poem by Trista