It's go time

It's go time

A Poem by Alice

To get it off my chest


I have a problem with sitting idly by and accepting the greed and corruption that we have all felt this nation endure. It sickens me, compresses my chest and rips away nearly every shred of hope I had left. They tell us to sit by and wait, they say we are helpless to bring about change. They force us to pour all of our faith and hope into one man and a corrupted, guilty collective conscious. They dare to insult our intelligence with shiny decoys that serve as false hopes for a broken system. We so badly want to believe that the dam isn’t about to break that we force it, with their encouragement, out of our thoughts. Hell, we’ve seen the water gushing through broken boards and we still won’t budge.

How much clearer does it have to be? The United States Unemployment rates now hover at around 8.5%, the highest they’ve been since the great depression. People like you are losing their jobs, being forced to foreclose on their homes and shell out cash that the government knows we don’t have. As citizens, as a community, as a nation, we have the right to stand up and demand that they get their s**t together before we pay them another dime. One community leads and the rest will follow.

This talk sparks fear in the government and the corporate schemers; they call it anarchy. Using glamor, fear, and brute force, they maneuver their way into our collective psyche and insist our obedience. Using intelligence, passion and camaraderie we can insist their obedience. They count on their distractions to assuage us, to bring us to our knees in admiration and envy. We count on ournumbers, on our humanity. They don’t want us to figure out that we hold the power. If the citizens of this once honorable country rise together as one to spark the fire of change, as is our duty, there is little that could stop us from succeeding. We are America, in all of our diversity. We are the victims of the system, the pawns in a game of power, possession and conformity.

We’ve seen it many times before: A nation that grows for success, power and wealth will eventually implode upon itself. We all wish to believe that our great empire knows no bounds, but it’s been made very clear to me that we’re barreling towards destruction. I’m ready to join hands with the democrats and the republicans, all religions, origins, sexualities and social classes. I’m ready to look our elitist bullshit nation in the eyes and make it known that we all have a voice, and we refuse to go unheard.

If you want change, you have to work for it. Look at the tools you have and use them. The internet is one of the greatest resources available to us. Write to congress, express your concerns, discuss issues with your friends and with people you’ve never met. Reach out, speak your mind, get involved in the discussion and help others to do the same. If you don’t, who will? Stop hiding under the thick, cushy blanket of conformity and insist that our best interest be addressed.

What would they do if the entire nation simply refused to vote on election day? How would they respond if an entire nation stood up in unison and demanded that the original values of this great establishment be upheld? Our roar would be too loud to be denied and too fierce to be challenged.

The ball is in our court. It’s go time.

© 2012 Alice

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Added on January 27, 2012
Last Updated on January 28, 2012
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I'm a 24 year old dreamer. I love art of all kinds. I see it as the most genuine expression of the human soul, and I think it should always be respected and appreciated. I'm a sucker for the dark .. more..

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