A Poem by Truman S. Booth

My first real love poem :) for The Willow by the Oak

The stars were so excited
On the day our pathways crossed.
A meeting so divine was overdue.
The Fates, too, were delighted
When our lives they'd freely tossed
Were finally connected "out of blue."

For certainly, although it seemed
To us inconsequential
The first time that our pupils interlocked,
A greater power had us deemed
"Inseparably essential
To one another" long before we talked.

We may have spoken cordially
With greetings insincere,
Despite the warming tingle in our souls.
For how could we know, forwardly,
That in the coming years
Our love would heal our spirit's aching holes?

The heavens watched enchantedly
As we began to learn
Of all the similarities we shared
But as our bond grew frantically
Our hearts began to burn...
The feelings felt so rushed, it made us scared.

Our overseers must have wept
While we ignored desire
And sought for love in places it was not.
Yet through attempts they always kept
A small, but fervent, fire
That constantly, unknowingly, we fought.

But Oh!  What joy they must have felt
When we, at last, confessed
The scorching love we harbored deep within;
For all their tarots had been dealt
When we supplied the rest,
And in this game both stars and gazers win.

For, by no choice we made on earth,
Our souls are linked in love
And never can another intervene.
For, long before terrestrial birth,
In lifetimes up above,
We shared a love no mortal's ever seen.

And so, dear Willow by the Oak,
I offer you my heart,
For that is all I truly have to give.
No earthly power can revoke
Or hope to tear apart
Our soulmatism, longer than we live.

© 2010 Truman S. Booth

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I really like the content and the way this piece flows, excellent work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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brilliant!!! such a wonderful manipulation of rhyme, allowing the words to twist and dive into the meaning you give to them, it just makes it all read so effortlessly, with the meaning so powerful! a very classic feel to this, like the old greats! brilliant poem!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This poem caused me to flash back to a few works by John Donne. I wouldn't say it was the meter that sparked the memories, but instead the subject and the tendency towards classical verbiage. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

there's a deep underlayer of classical enchantment composition weaving itself in and out between the lines that caught my attention and held it from the get go~
for the willow by the oak~ truly magikal~

Posted 10 Years Ago

i thoroughly enjoyed this piece. it's so powerful, and an idea i can relate to. finding one's soulmate is a great thing, and always hard to acknowledge. the person you intended this towards should certainly be touched, for this is one great declaration of love from my standpoint

Posted 10 Years Ago

It took me a second to see the pattern, but you have a very unique rhyme scheme. This is beautiful - I especially love the lines where the stars confess their love, and the gazers watch from their distance. It's interesting, though.. that you say the heavens are watching the stars. In my head I usually associate the stars with the heavens, glimmering and watching over the earth. The way you wrote this out almost makes it sound like we're the heavens to the stars. Even if that's not what you intended.. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Great work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Trueman, wonderfully done. A take on the ol' star-crossed lover's tale...with the stars uncrossed. Lovely piece. It gave of the undulating essence that is the base of profound love.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 13, 2010
Last Updated on December 16, 2010
Tags: love, soulmates


Truman S. Booth
Truman S. Booth

the Bubble, UT

I am a young writer, but I believe that talent knows no age--although they tend to increase together. There are a few things I love, and a few things I hate. I love language, piano, animated movie.. more..


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