A Poem by T.S. Claus

Something I wrote when we lost an amazing friend and guy. Something I wrote when I lost my best friend. Something I wrote when I lost the one I knew I loved.


Death, impenetrable darkness 

Abysmal nothingness
With it the ability to feel no pain nor pleasure
Retreat from one's own mind
I used to like you a lot

Long time since having thought seriously
Upon your character
Quirks and qualities
Desire to leave it all like this, I know
Something different, you pulled the trigger

Hurting, alone
You have a communication problem
Only yesterday, wide smiles that you wore
Now you dress in cedar boxes, the embalming process
Adorned with wreathes; The rose bush 

We will confront your demons for you
Dependent, unable limbs
Bliss in stories, hap with you
Reciting, water on the cheeks
Cry, cry, cry, and fly you back to me

Familiar faces, few of these are new
People, they come to mourn for you
Standing, staring, stone statues
Hear their noise

Walker in the sky, in heaven 

Fictitious beings bring me back to you

Time machine, gracious God, Celestials

I seek you out, a face I comprehend

Never believed, so never cried

Urn of ashes, come back old friend

What death does

Dangerous questions

An unanswerable series of words

Blotted away, cities do the same to stars

Signs, stoplights, streets and your big truck

Living vivid memories, I am still a sophomore f*g
I spoke no joke, confessions to be shamed, but no; 
Did not lose the friend in you
"No big deal," You'd tell me, "It happens," You'd say
Acceptance filled your youthful heart 

A novel feeling, I was embraced

Strong arms, humid summer’s day

Skin burns red, gazing at the blazing Sun

Salty blue water, grasping at linen

Embracing Hades

Ocean waves and sandy beaches

We took home more than shells

Lined bathing suit

Thighs or muscles, look away

Remember what we did, where you are?

I am still loving the Sun

-In Memory Of Justin Walker

© 2016 T.S. Claus

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The story in the poem was amazing.
"A novel feeling, I was embraced
Strong arms, humid summer’s day
Skin burns red, gazing at the blazing Sun
Salty blue water, grasping at linen
Embracing Hades"
Your description alive and strong. I like the places and the thoughts shared. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry .

Posted 7 Years Ago

I am very sorry for your loss, your pain was very apparent through your words. You clearly had a very deep and loving relationship with this friend, and I imagine he misses you just as much as you miss him.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Love it!
Keep on writing!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very nice tribute to an absent friend. Well penned.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on October 8, 2015
Last Updated on May 26, 2016
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T.S. Claus
T.S. Claus

Detroit, MI

Tyler S. Claus, studying journalism in Detroit, Michigan. I write Short Stories, screenplays, News Articles (Satire), Poems and Prose, and hope to strengthen my abilities in all aspects of writing w.. more..

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