Panther's Truths

Panther's Truths

A Poem by Ty

Government Lies

I think I'd feel alright with a piece of a pie a little slice of quiet and an ease of mind.
I spoke of the destructive nature unearthing in fields of old times and lies.
Over flowing plates of hatred makes a wait for hope and wisdom a subsequently tension ridden subtle mission,
And If I focus now, I can tunnel visions.
Umbrella shadows under tents, loud with echoes, found it tough to listen.
Can't continue lending ears, endless lies that you're telling me.
Yeah if only health coverage was a flat patient fee, seven seventy wouldn't cover a band-aid and some Ketamine.
Thoughts fumbling, twisted, circling clouds, a thick tumble weed,
They come. Go like seasons change and browning leaves.
Couldn't inhale, handle it, choked up; evidently tough to speak.
I'm beginning to foresee a breach, a revelation, mirroring insightful truths.
"The sky's the limit that's what they told a f*****g fool, I disguised the limit now I'm aiming for the sun and moon."
Fed up to mountain tops and if I sky dive ninety degrees toward to sun is it really what it's angled to,
Or is it following shiny things,
The epitome of a lab rat.
Or the fact that I guess my hearts become cold, hard, and dark as Panthers,
Only answers the fact that souls are too complacent in misunderstanding.
I find it damning can no longer be collected and candid,
Panning the utterance of their every word,
And it's ignorance, a total nerd for journalist articles, columns, blogs, and their blurbs.
I witnessed a tempest landfall tearing epoxy off drywall in the white house.

© 2017 Ty

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This poem is giving us the real facts!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on March 21, 2017
Last Updated on March 28, 2017
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