A Poem by Ty



Tapping my window pane.

If Woodpeckers or shoes gracefully dancing were liquid.

I sit,

Lucid day dreaming.

My mind being chaotic stood hectic,

And yet it'd placidly drift.

Afraid my voice would fade to silence if I don't speak now.

Alone if I don't seek out,

But how?

Once admired from speaking from stomps in the rain.

Inside for now.

Glass stained in drizzle,

As it taps my window pane.

© 2018 Ty

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I don’t know if I derived from it what was intended, but to me this elicits the very essence of rain beating the window pain, playing along with the orchestra in your brain, begging it to sound aloud, yet mesmerizing it too much to do so.

That might have nothing to do with what you intended with this, but it has given me joy to analyze it either way.

I will admit that I am slightly confused by the wording of line 10, but that could just be my own inability to analyze.

I am very glad to have read this and enjoyed it very much!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

like your interoperation!

It touches on loneliness, being silent in times of advers.. read more
H L Rose

3 Years Ago

Of course!
That’s a lovely sentiment and you explanation makes me appreciate the poem even.. read more


the idea of poem and picture is how things get cloudy in our lives...the window through which
we look at the world is filled with driving rain, trying to drive us off track, silence us from becoming what we can...
we have to withstand, and then find a way to the sunshine....


Posted 4 Months Ago

This image is the perfect representation of the poem. I like the way you write your poems. I usually struggle with reading through poems but every single one you post is all charming in their own ways

Posted 8 Months Ago

Pretty Interesting! I can see what you meant by this and boy aren't you right! That's how I feel sometimes! Loved how you put it out there. Thank you for the opportunity of reading it!

Posted 2 Years Ago

This piece somewhat saddens me.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Seems for me, a memory of the past when you shared rain and its haphazard dance upon the walls of your heart and mind. Certain memories remain, mingling with tears at times.. and so it goes on..

Beautiful, gentle words, lovely graphic.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Your words along with the picture transport me to a rainy lazy day, where one wants to lay down and have their worries dissipate. I found this piece to be soothing and it reminds me of the simple pleasures in life, like lounging in on a rainy day (although for some they might feel they're being held captive by the weather!)

Posted 2 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this poem. You know how to catch the readers attention.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This speaks to me the lonely one sitting watching the rain, look away from the window I hear it still, and I live in the rainy state of Washington. 9 months or more of storms and rain. But I still love it. Very good job, I like the description comparison to a wood pecker.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Sometimes you just have to speak and allow what is inside of you to fall like rain and free you.... this verse had rainy day blue's tapping from your window! Great piece!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Hello, Ty.

Such a wondrous portrayal of the treasures and mysteries of rain...The contrast between rain and thought is well-nigh unobservable, which cocoons the poem with this thunderous and misty tissue. The internal world is also extant, a fact that makes me contemplate the philosophical meaning of time and the passing raindrops. Is there a secret between the lines? Or is it another face of the blank?

I identified a few grammar mistakes:
"day dreaming"--->"daydreaming"
"from speaking"--->"for speaking"(I think)
"in drizzle"--->"in the drizzle" or "in a drizzle"

Concluding, your poem delicately quaked today's ice cube...and a box of butterflies. Thank you very much. Free the broken wings.

Until next time...

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on March 20, 2018
Last Updated on March 20, 2018
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