A Love to Remember

A Love to Remember

A Poem by tumi




Your words were strong

As the threshold of hell

Holding me aback

Your words are like a spell

It spells like doom

As I tried to profess

I fell for you

Well, I did confess

Your feelings were buried

In a lion’s graveyard

For me not see it

So I won’t steal away to your heart

Maybe you don’t need me

Maybe your eyes don’t see it

Maybe you were blind

To love even whenever you see it

You chose to be deaf

But my love does speak

You chose not to hear

Although my love rings

So be it,

Let our worlds be put apart

As heaven and as hell

Let us never be together

Maybe in that way you shall tell

But did you always

walk in beauty,

To arise my envy?

Do you ought to raise your eyebrows

To flaunt your looks

Will you keep smiling as hard

Till the sun falls from the sky

Will your flex your lovely arms

Till my feelings arise

To make love hard

You spilled much lies

In my heart

With those nice spices of words

You bound my heart

You chained my soul

You changed my life

You made my goal


My love has grown

through the beauty in your eyes

My love now as high

Through the spell of your pretty smile

The love that grew

While I glare and stare

Your love was cruel

Now my heart is filled with fear


A love I see but cannot get

A love I feel

A love that won’t come true

Is of no good




© 2024 tumi

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Some loves aren’t meant to be. Some are cruel and toxic woven with the greatest of flattery and manipulation. It’s disguised with beauty and flowery words only to be the opposite felt in the heart of the other person.

The descriptions and the wording of this poem are done with great care and precision.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

thanks for the kind review
A very poignant poetic gem on the subject of love which has never been allowed to blossom and grow. Your poetry has come on in leaps and bounds since I read your first poetic offering, Tumi. I love the layout of the poem and the title drew me in to read it. I love the picturisation throughout the poem, you are a Master at depiction! Feelings finely expressed and I feel a sadness that the flower of love has not grown in your garden. True love is worth waiting for, Tumi and never give up hoping. Tomorrow you might see a truly beautiful new flower in your garden of love and love it even more than the flower whom you wrote the poem about. Lovely work, Tumi. Thank you for sharing...

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

thanks for the kinds word
and review it means a lot, i hope to get better as time goes on lov.. read more

1 Week Ago

Most welcome always, Tumi...

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Added on July 9, 2024
Last Updated on July 9, 2024



lagos, christian, Nigeria

i am just a random person trying to do best at writing more..

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