Unknown Chpt 1

Unknown Chpt 1

A Chapter by Ina

They would come, like a thief within the pitch of a black night. Soulless shrouds of uniformed darkness can be seen on the outskirts of her thought. She had been warned of this, of a roaming vengeance consuming the truth she had defined in her life. The practical feeling one should feel rising on the surface of the skin is fear. A cruel fear, one that destroys free thought and wrecks the foundation of the freedom of humanity was lurking in the distance. Lily had begun research many years ago and never dreamed of the deceit she would uncover along the way. This was huge; it affected every aspect of life for every individual on the planet. She wondered if there was enough time to reach the masses about the evil brewing within mankind. She knew though, past her hope that it would not be enough, that time was running short. For a simple looking young woman, she had a secret the world needed to know about. Perhaps it was her calling, her purpose and even her duty in life to educate them, those people who were walking around without much sense. “Damn!” She thought out loud and much too audible for a whisper. Her slip in verbal profanity had not gone unnoticed. He had been watching her, sitting just out of her view, silently intrigued by her expressions of anger and confusion. His mind distracted by her eyes, she was beautiful, but could she really be the one he was searching for? Letting his thoughts wonder was something of a waste of time and he knew he had to focus on the more pressing matter, was she the one with the knowledge, the key to the mystery he just could not yet piece together. Could she help him set them free? Still unaware that she had the attention of a stranger she ordered another whiskey on the rocks and an order of fried green tomatoes. Swimming in her thoughts, she lets them flow, how can so many be so blatantly ignorant to the control that was coming? Did they not love enough to see the devastation of war coming their way? Pulling her laptop out of her messenger bag and powering it on, she gears up for a few more hours of searching thru articles published by conspirators decades ago. If she could only find the key word that would grant her access to the database storing the media files to be broadcast globally. She would love nothing more than to publicly announce the fraudulent actions of elite. 

© 2012 Ina

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Added on September 9, 2012
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