Chapter 2: Bad News

Chapter 2: Bad News

A Chapter by turtlegirlluver

The trouble begins�



“Excuse me, but is Mrs. Conway here?” the man in a business suit and briefcase asked.

        “Yeah, she’s here. Mom!” I yelled.

        “What do you want…oh,” my mom saw the man in the door.

        “I need to speak to you about an issue that has come up concerning your family,” he began.

        “Mia, you can go up to your room while we discuss this,” my mom said.

        I walked slowly upstairs, trying to hear what they were talking about.  In my room I pressed my ear to the door, but only heard a  few words, not enough to understand the problem.  After waiting in my room for a while, I got bored, so I went downstairs to see if they were done.

        I found the man siting across from my  mom at the kitchen table with papers spread between them.  My mom noticed me and quickly scrambled up the papers and shoved them over to the man.

        “What are you doing?” I asked.

        “Nothing.  This is Mr. Gregund from the F.B.…I mean, from the government,” she replied flustered.

        “Mom what is going on?  What’s F.B…, wait do you mean the F.B.I.?” I wondered out loud.

        “No, of course not.”

        “Mom, I know you’re lying.  Why is he here and what is he doing?”  By now I was getting worried.  My mom was always low key, and didn’t get upset about much, so I knew this was serious.

        “Thank you for your time, Mrs. Conway.  I will be back tomorrow to finish discussing the matter.”  Mr. Gregund concluded, got up, and walked to the door.

        As he walked down the path, Jennifer was walking up.

        “Hey,” I said as she walked in the house.

        “Who was that?”

        “I don’t know.  He came to the door wanting to talk to mom.”  As we were walking up to my room, my mom spotted us.

        “Hi Jennifer, how are you?”

        “Fine.  Thanks for letting me come over,” she replied.  We walked upstairs and I stopped at my brothers door.

        “Chris, are you up?” I asked banging on the door, “Chris!”

        “What do you want?” he said as he opened the door.

        His brown hair was messy from sleep and he was wearing boxers with a white shirt.  He was good looking, which made him an easy subject for girls to bring up.  Countless times girls I didn’t even know would come up to me and ask if he was available.  Thank goodness he already had a girlfriend, so I didn’t have to make up an excuse. I was glad that his looks hadn’t gone to his head, he was always caring and ready to help me.

        “Can we come in?  I need to talk to you,” I replied.

        “Sure.  What’s wrong?”  Jennifer and I sat on his bed, and Chris sat in his computer chair.

        “Do you know who Mr. Gregund is?” I began.

        “No.”  I then explained the situation to my friend and brother.,

        “Do you have any ideas?”  I asked.

        “Maybe it’s someone from mom or dad’s work,” Chris thought.

        “But wouldn’t they have said this is so-and-so from work?”  Jennifer questioned.

        “What I don’t get is that when I walked downstairs mom tried to hide the papers.”   I wondered.

        “Something isn’t right.  Do you think mom will tell us if we ask?”  Chris pondered.

        “She didn’t tell me then, why would she tell us later?  Wait… she said he was from the F.B.…and then she stopped.  Does she mean the F.B.I.?”  I asked.

        “I don’t know, but if it does, we’re somehow not following some law or something.  Why else would a F.B.I. person come to a house?”  Chris thought.

        “Investigate?”  Jennifer said calmly.

        “What?”  My brother and I said at the same time.

        “Investigate.  Come around and see what’s up?  You know, like in movies the police or F.B.I. find something dangerous and tell you to leave.  That kind of investigate.”

        I turned to my friend, “Are you saying that maybe something could be a threat for us?”

        “I don’t know, I hope not,”  she replied.  There was a knock on the door.

        “Are you guys in there?”  My mom’s voice sounded through the door.

        “Yeah,”  Chris said as he walked to let my mom in.

        “I was just wanting to see what you were up to,” she concluded.

        “Just talking,” I quickly replied, “Nothing important.”

        “You okay?”  My mom asked.  Mutterings of ‘yeah’ and ‘sure’ answered her question.

        “I need to go to the store.  Will you be okay?”

        “Yeah, if not I can hold them here as prisoners of this house,”  Chris joked.

        “Hey!”  Jennifer and I exclaimed.

        “I’m just kidding!  I would never do that to you two.”

        “We would have escaped anyway,”  I replied to his joke.  Jennifer laughed and Chris shook his head.

        “I’ll be back in a little bit,” my mom said.

        “Okay, bye.”  I said as she walked out the door.  We waited until we heard the front door close and the car leave to begin our plan.


© 2008 turtlegirlluver

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I like your descriptions about his brother Chris, he sounded like a round character to me too by the way you described him...
"He was good looking, which made him an easy subject for girls to bring up. Countless times girls I didn't even know would come up to me
and ask if he was available.Thank goodness he already had a girlfriend, so I didn't have to make up an excuse. I was glad that his looks hadn't
gone to his head, he was always caring and ready to help me." though you might want to put a little description about Mia and her friend
might insert that in your following chapters..don't be afraid to be descriptive...:) but that's just a suggestion, you're still the author...:)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Suspense! I love it! ;D

On to chapter 3!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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