Chapter 4: The Plan

Chapter 4: The Plan

A Chapter by turtlegirlluver

A plan is set up and their lives change�



Mom and dad returned promptly at two o’clock, along with Mr. Gregund.


        “We need to talk,” our dad said.  Great, I thought, nothing good ever comes after ‘We need to talk’, but at least we’ll get answers.

        We sat down at the table across from Mr. Gregund.  The file of letters was in front of us, along with a new envelope we had never seen before.  Mr. Gregund opened the files and put the papers in front of us.

        “As you know your family is being targeted by ‘hate’ groups,” he began.

        “You mean The Black Eagle,” Chris interrupted.  Mom and dad gave him questioning looks, trying to figure out how he knew this.  Mr. Gregund just nodded.

        “What have you gotten into?” my dad asked.

        “Nothing, it’s just the internet, it’s not illegal, yet,” he replied.

        “Yes, also known as the Black Eagle.  They want to harm your family and break it apart. You are their target, and they won’t stop for anything. It’s not safe for you here anymore,” the man said, looking through his files.

        “What!” I shouted.

        “Well, it’s either leave and have a chance of surviving or stay and get captured,” Mr. Gregund explained.

        “A chance?” Chris asked.

        “We can’t guarantee a one hundred percent chance of success, but the odds are high. Anyway we have looked through lots of possibilities where you could stay. They all have their positive and negative sides, but I think we found a place where you can be safe.”

        “Sent off where?” I asked.

        “We’ll discuss that later.  In other words, your family needs to break up and hide before The Black Eagle comes to get you.  We have received word that The Black Eagle is coming to take you away this week.  You will have to find a solution quick, if you want to escape.”

        “How do they know about us?” Chris wondered.

        “There are two possible explanations to that. The first, someone who knows you is part of the organization and want’s revenge. The second, the group found information about your family in some file that they hacked. They find what they need, then sort through it finding families with kids who have certain abilities. For example, they could have good grades, or they are good at sports. Well, you get the idea.”

        “Wait, are you part of the F.B.I?” I questioned him.

        “F.B.I.?  I never said I was with them, but I am with the F.D.C.S.  Or the Federal Department of Civilian Safety, so it’s my job to help you.  Except that once I leave 

tonight, I have another case, so you will be on your own.”

        During this whole talk, mom and dad were sitting there calmly.

        “Wait, do you two already know all this?” Chris asked our parents, as if reading my mind.

        My parents looked at each other, then my dad spoke up.

        “Yes, we have been talking to Mr. Gregund lately about this issue, that’s why we’ve been gone so much in the past few days.”


        Everything hit me so quickly, my emotions had no time to react.  I sat still, my eyes glazed over, as I was lost in my thoughts.  Where would we go?  What if they found me?  What if I never saw my family again?

        “Mia, are you okay?” My mom’s question jolted me out of my thoughts.

        “Yeah,” I said quietly, the confidence in me was gone.  Mr. Gregund shifted his eyes from me, back to his papers.

        “You’re friends and family think you are going on vacation, so do not tell anyone where you are,” Mr. Gregund continued.

        “As far as lodging,” he chuckled at an inside joke, “Mia and Chris, you will be staying at the Altman’s house.  Your parents already have plans on where they will stay.  You must pack your things tonight, and leave in the morning.  A car will be here to pick you two,” he gestured at Chris and I, “up at 5 a.m. sharp.  Mr. and Mrs. Conway, make sure to follow our plan, and please, don’t get too creative.”

        Chris and I looked at each other, confused.  Mr. Gregund had started talking again, but I didn’t listen.  I was to overwhelmed and sick of hearing his voice.  I heard someone call my name, but I didn’t look up.

        “Mia! I need you to pay attention, this is very important,” his voice continued, “Once again, do not tell anyone who you are or where you are living.  That is the main point, if you tell someone, I can’t imagine what could happen to you.  Also, make sure you pack anything you need, because there will be no coming back.”

        “Ever?” Chris asked.

        “Well, not for awhile, it depends on if the threats stop.  Now, Chris, Mia, please excuse us while your parents and I finish this business.”

        “Wait, I’m not leaving. Where are you going to stay,” I asked referring to my parents.

        “We can’t let you know that. This is a secret housing assignment and if we told you it would ruin the plan. Considering you would try to get to them…you knowing would not help the situation.” His harsh words quickly made me angry.

        “They’re my parents and I want to know!” I couldn’t hide my anger anymore as I almost screamed at Mr. Gregund.

        “Mia. This is not your place. Please go upstairs,” I could tell his voice was strained, like he was trying to stay diplomatic.

        I glanced at my parents and they nodded their heads.  Chris and I stood slowly, walked out of the kitchen, and up the stairs.  I followed my brother into his room and lost any control of my emotions.


© 2008 turtlegirlluver

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that sucks for Mia not knowing where they'll be hiding her parents...:(
I would react the same way she did!
though i must say im excited to know where both Chris and Mia will be heading!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I could really see all that happening in front of me, great job!

Also, if I was Mia, I would have popped that Mr. Gregund guy a few times in the face, but that's just me. :) Haha.
On to chapter 5!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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