Chapter 9: Surprise

Chapter 9: Surprise

A Chapter by turtlegirlluver

Mia's hopes are shattered and more fear sets in.



        “Where’s Ryan?” I wondered the next evening.

        “He’s out on a date,” Mrs. Altman replied. We were alone in the kitchen, she was washing the dishes and I was drying them.

        “What do you mean?” My voice stayed steady as my dreams shattered around me.

        “Yes. They’ve been going out a couple of months now,” she said calmly.

        “Oh,” the disappointment was now clearly heard in my voice.

        “But don’t let your hopes drop too far,” she began, as I looked up puzzled. “The last few weeks have been rocky for them. I don’t know how much longer the two of them will last. And now with you here he seems, different. Happier I guess you could say.”

        “Well, that’s good…I mean that he’s happier. It’s too bad about his girlfriend.”

        “Thanks for your help,” she said as I finished the last dish.

        “No problem,” I hung up the towel and walked up to my room. Why didn’t he tell me? What about last night and the play? What if he set me up? What if he didn’t really like me? I curled up on my bed as my eyes began to water. Does this mean that we’ll only be friends? What if…

        “Mia, what’s wrong?” Chris asked as he snuck into the room. I sat up, my legs still curled under me.


        “No, there’s something wrong. What is it?” he asked concerned.

        “Um, I just kind of found out that, uh, Ryan had a girlfriend.” I looked up. Why did he have to come in the room and ask what was wrong?

        “Oh…you like him, don’t you?”

        “Well I thought I did. I don’t know anymore. Look, can we not talk about this anymore?” I asked. I turned over on the bed, ending the conversation.

        “Alright. Your choice.”

        The next time I saw Ryan I tried my best to avoid eye contact. As I glanced up from my cereal I saw that he also had his eyes downturned. I wondered if something had happened last night between him and his girlfriend.

        I never found out because he suddenly got up, taking his bowl to the sink. He walked straight to the office, never taking his eyes off the floor.

        I finished eating and walked to where he was. His back was toward me, as he sat in front of the computer.

        “Are you okay?” I asked.

        “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” he responded, not talking his eyes off the screen. I pondered what his response could mean. It was apparent that something was wrong.

        “What are you doing?” I inquired, hoping that this question would get a better answer.

        “Just playing a game,” he replied with no emotion in his voice. I looked over his shoulder, trying to figure out what the point of the game was.

        “You have to conquer the most land in a certain amount of time,” he answered to my puzzled expression.

        After a few minutes of standing I grabbed a chair and sat next to him. The game soon made sense as I started to watch more. At points I stared out the window, watching the cars slowly pass by. The cars drove down the street, like normal, but one vehicle stood out. A black SUV slowly drove down the street, much slower than the speed limit. The windows were tinted, preventing you from seeing inside. Maybe it was just trying to find a certain address, I thought.

        After a few minutes the SUV passed by again. This time even slower than before, I watched it pass, confused.

        I turned back to his game, ignoring the vehicle. Right before the round ended Mrs. Altman came to the doorway.

        “Mia, come here,” her voice was filled with urgency.


        “Just come here please.” The urgency in here voice had doubled.

        “Why,” I asked again, “What’s wrong?” She grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the kitchen.

        “Duck behind the counter…now!” I quickly slumped against the cabinet.

        “What’s going on?” My voice shacked as fear slowly flowed through my blood.

        Mrs. Atlman waited a moment, the rushed on.

        “There has been a black SUV passing by for the past fifteen minutes. It keeps slowing down as it passes our house. I don’t know what it’s about. I just don’t want you by the windows, just in case it’s…” her voice trailed off.

        “The Black Eagle,” I quietly finished the sentence for her.

        “Well, I don’t know if it is, so don’t get worried,” her voice strained against her fear in an attempt to comfort me. Suddenly Ryan came into the kitchen.

        “Okay, what’s with the SUV? It just passed by again.” He looked down at me. The fear must have shown of my face because he sat down next to me.

        “It’s them,” I said again as my brain slowly processed the information. Ryan then put his arm around my shoulder, trying to comfort me.

        “What about Chris?” I tried to stand up, but Ryan quickly pulled me back down.

        “You must stay hidden,” Mrs. Altman stated, “Ryan, go back to the computer, it has to look like we don’t realize anything.”

        “I can’t just sit here like live bait!” I urged her to see my way.

        “I guess you’re right. Mia, run upstairs, find Chris and then stay hidden until we tell you the coast is clear.”

        A mixture of adrenaline and nerves now occupied my body, causing me to shake. I stood up and looked back over at Ryan, his body was stiff as he feigned typing on the computer. I then looked back at Mrs. Altman, as she quickly urged me on. My legs finally decided to move as I bolted up the stairs to our room.

        I threw the door open to find Chris laying on our bed reading a magazine.

        “Chris! Move! They’re here!” I grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of sight. We sat under the window, invisible to those outside, as I prayed for the world to forget us.


© 2008 turtlegirlluver

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I could just feel the tension in this chapter and it was hard for me to stop reading..i want to know what's going to happen next..:D

Posted 14 Years Ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Something bad's about to happen!

:D You build up suspense amazingly. =D

Posted 15 Years Ago

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