Bottom's Up

Bottom's Up

A Story by The Violent Wolf

an excerpt from a characterization project for school


“It smells nasty.” All he got in return was a blank stare before Alex turned to look back out the window. Tyler glanced at her reflection, sighed in his mind and shifted gears as he pulled into the school parking lot. She took a swig from the blue water bottle and licked a ruby droplet from her lip.

“Thanks for the ride,” Alex muttered as she ducked out of the car.

“Anytime,” he told her shadow. Tyler leaned back to grab his backpack from the floor and heard a car honk then tires screeching. He whipped his head up over the dash and caught sight of a truck sliding around Alex. From across the parking lot he heard her yell, “Watch where you’re going, you b*****d!” Then she flipped him off before staggering in through the school door. Tyler cursed at the lonely snowflakes then let the wind push him indoors.

He found Alex sitting below her locker in the B-Wing. Her head rested on her knees and the bottle lay on it’s side next to her. Tyler slid down the locker next to her then set the blue bottle upright between his feet.

“Hey,” he said, nudging her shoulder with his, “I know you’re depressed, I can see it in your eyes.” He paused and scratched his chin. “I want to help you. But I can’t. Not if you shut me out. You have to let me in, Alex.” Tyler picked up the bottle and twisted the cap off. “Do you mind?” he asked, then took a sip as she slowly lifted her head. Brown doe eyes with smudged eyeliner met his own before darting to the bottle. Alex snatched it out of his hand and dropped it on the other side of her body. Then she growled low in her throat before dropping her head back onto her knees. Tyler’s mouth dropped open. “Did you really just growl at me? You little…” he trailed off as her head snapped up and Alex glared at him behind a dark waterfall of hair. “Just kidding,” Tyler muttered to himself.

Tyler looked at her bare arm. It was early winter, but this girl had gone out in just a tank top and skinny jeans. Her arm was cold to his touch; Alex flinched. He noticed she was quivering. Was she cold? Or was it just the amped up emotions? Tyler shrugged out of his hoodie. “Hey,” he said again, laying the hoodie against her arm. Alex’s fierce eyes met his again, then softened when she saw the concern looking back at her. She relaxed and leaned forward to pull the still warm hoodie on, hugging it to herself. She managed a half smile before burying her face once again. Tyler only caught a glimpse of that little smile, then the bell rang and Alex groaned. Tyler hopped up then held down his hand. She hadn’t even moved. So he grabbed her arms and heaved her up. Alex groaned and growled at the ceiling. Tyler wrapped her up in his arms, effectively muffling her sounds of distaste for routine against his shoulder.

“Don’t get caught, you goofball,” Tyler said, handing her the half empty water bottle. “On second thought, wait right here.” He grabbed the bottle out of her hand and dashed over to the boys bathroom. Tyler hurriedly dumped most of what was left of the treacherous wine in the sink and walked back out, screwing the cap back on. “Here,” he said, “You really shouldn’t be drinking that much this early.” Alex scowled at the bottle, at his face, then sighed. “Meet me back here later?” Tyler asked.

“Fine,” was all she said, before taking the bottle and ambling down the hallway.

“Hey!” Tyler called, catching up to her and stopping her with a hand on her hip. Even as she pulled away Alex missed his warmth. “Will you? Meet me back here later? Please?” his eyes begged her to return.

“Yes,” she finally answered, then looked at the bottle in her hand. “Here, I don’t need this anymore,” Alex said, handing him the bottle with a smile.

© 2014 The Violent Wolf

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I like your writing very much. great description that summons cristal clear images in the mind of the reader.

Posted 5 Years Ago

The Violent Wolf

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much (: I was taught to show, not tell
You have a great knack for building characters in a tight space. One minor suggestion, his eyes begged her -- to what? add something there. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

The Violent Wolf

6 Years Ago

thanks so much! xD i had an awesome teacher haha

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The Violent Wolf
The Violent Wolf

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