Dear Best Friend from Omegle

Dear Best Friend from Omegle

A Story by The Violent Wolf

A letter to someone I met online

Dear best friend from Omegle,
I am absoluetly horrific at making friends in person. People think I'm such a snob because I don't talk to them, but I'm just painfully shy.
I'm a lot braver and more talkative online. But you already knew that. We hit it off so well the first time we met on Omegle. I don't have a clue about what we talked about, but we hit it off so well, that we added each other on facebook. A good decision on my part, because you became my best friend during my highschool years.
The first time we talked was my freshman year. I was sitting at the school computers, killing time before I had to go home. I dont know what it was about you, but I liked you. Enough to want to talk to you again, fancy that. Maybe it was our similiar interests. Maybe it was the music. Maybe I was just glad that someone was listening. Because, as you know very well, talking it out helps me alot.
Our chats were inconsistent, perhaps because I only talked to you when i was at my lowest. I feel guilty about that because you were always there for me no matter what.
Do you remember the first time we video chatted? It wasn't really because I had no camera so you couldn't see me. But I absolutely scrutinized you, trying to see if anything about you was a possible tell tale sign that you were some psychopath. But you passed. I think it was your laugh. You have a very funny laugh. Or maybe your very slightly feminine voice. No offense.
I don't have a very good recollection of what all we talked about. I probably told you lots of secrets and complained about school and my family. I do remember the Kingdom Hearts dubstep songs. Amazing music. I do also remember you calming me down when I was in a bad place mentally. You were so great.
I tried to return the favor. I could tell you had problems too, even if you didnt always talk about it. I felt bad because I could never really help you the way you helped me. For that I apologize.
Of all my school years, my Senior year was the craziest. It was full of problems and turmoil, excitement and adventures. You went through it all with me, in a sense, from the best to the worst. I won't list them out, you may or may not remember certain things. But you were there. Up until I graduated and moved back to the US.
I have my reasons for blocking you on Facebook, and I won't go into that now. But I just want to apologize, because I feel guilty about it. About cutting you off after all you've done.
I hope things look up for you, I know your life isn't where you want it to be right now. But I'm positive it'll get better. Dont worry. I also hope you get to spend more time with Alex. He's such an adorable baby.
I wish you the absolute best of luck.
Thank you for being there for me.
Until we talk again,
Your crazy friend from Omegle

© 2015 The Violent Wolf

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Added on May 1, 2015
Last Updated on May 1, 2015
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The Violent Wolf

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