Am I?

Am I?

A Poem by Jolyrose


Desire and delight entwined in my mind…

Am I soft, silky, comfortable curves?

Am I slow, languorous, tactile, fulfilling?


Quick, shallow, gasping breaths…

Am I passionate, considerate, hopeful?

Am I your flower, opening at your touch?


Clutching you tight, nails raking your back, calling to God…

Am I flushed, full, mindless in your touch?

Am I looking in your eyes during the swell?


You say goodbye, long after the door closes…

Am I waiting for a call, staring at the phone, pleading?

Am I sitting by myself, waiting, heedless of the time?


The stillness is too much, as my heart aches…

Am I staring out the window, counting blue cars?

Am I looking at my cell, checking for the dial tone at home?


Your eyes brighten mine finally, when the storm is passed…

Am I taking you in my arms, forgiveness flowing?

Am I surrendering to your touch, despite the doubts?


The inevitable occurs…

Am I fighting back tears as the door closes again?

Am I curled tightly into myself as the loneliness sets in?


I can’t take it anymore, when it’s finally too much to bear…

Am I suffering through your silence?

Am I falling into abyss?


I can finally open my eyes with out the swell of tears…

Am I realizing that your comfort was always temporary?

Am I understanding the world I built around us wasn’t real?


I look at you and comprehend the folly…

Am I ready to walk out into the world?

Am I ready to seek something true?

Am I?

© 2009 Jolyrose

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Things that make us go hmm? :-)
The questions that we ask when things are only temporary. I think somewhere deep down we know sometimes, we just hope against hope that it will one day be different.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2009



Kalamazoo, MI

I write and write and write and.... Mostly sci-fi, romance, thriller, whatever strikes my fancy. more..

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