Too Young

Too Young

A Poem by Jolyrose

I'm too young
For you

I like your words and attitude
And they way you listen and interpret
But when your hand touches mine
I squirm
Not in a way congruent with lust

I need more friends like you
Please don't roll your eyes
Just because I'm not the one
Doesn't mean I want to let you go
And I don't think you're one of those guys

Looking for a young and nubile
Just wanting to press the flesh
I see your depth
And I'm impressed
I'm just

Too young

Words at 30 I'd never thought I'd say
But here it is
Here comes the day

You're pleasant and approachable and happy in my space
But the vibe I feel when we're together
Comfortable at the beginning
Then it changes

I know you want more
And there's nothing wrong with your intentions
But I've been a b***h before
And this time I'm not feeling the deception

I don't wish I felt more
I like you as you are
Warm, witty, kind
It's just that you didn't touch my heart
so much as my mind

If this is the last day we speak
I hope you understand
In this I'm just a girl
Not ready for the man

© 2009 Jolyrose

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I never want to hear a woman say this to me. I hope when I become that old-guy I will not get caught up with a young babe! LOL. this was a nice poem poor old guy. I hope he didn't lose years off his life by not having you? Thanks for creating and sharing this personal poem with us!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I believe I understand what you're talking about here. Interesting enough, I know so many women that are attracted to older guys(which I think is gross given the age), but I fear turning into that "guy" in 25-30 years! You wrote the piece very well, and I enjoyed!

Posted 13 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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