Love Sick

Love Sick

A Poem by twylight999777

I've fallen so hard for him that it's sad...

It feels so nice to just spend time with you
My friends warn me that I'm in for heartbreak
And honestly I'm just to the point that I don't care
I'd do anything to just keep you there. 
You make me happy when your near
Your smile makes my heart expand
Your laugh makes me want to fly
So I really don't care about the reasons why.
I don't care that you don't love me back
I don't care that you probably never will
As long as you do your best not to hurt me
I will wait to see if you'll someday agree. 
I really hope someday you'll change your mind
And maybe I sound just a little bit crazy
But I really do respect your choice
I'd just rather be single forever than never again hear your voice. 
I wish that you would just kiss me
Just take my hand and hold me tight
But I know that you're afraid you'll hurt me
So I am hoping that patience is key. 
And this may sound stupid but you're worth the risk
I know you think you're worthless but this is my wish
I just want a chance to change your mind
If you open your heart I swear I'll be kind. 
Sweetheart, am I not worth the risk?
Am I not good enough for you?
Can you not see how much I care?
Is this just too much to bare? 
If you ever change your mind I'll be waiting
Because I know that you can love and be loved
I know that you've been hurt in the past
But if you say yes maybe we'll last. 

© 2015 twylight999777

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Added on October 23, 2015
Last Updated on December 8, 2015
Tags: love, sick, stupid




I don't write as much as I used to. I've been busy with college. However, I still love writing and poetry. Please don't steal any of my writing. It is my emotions and life on paper. It belongs to me a.. more..