#2 Fact From Fiction

#2 Fact From Fiction

A Chapter by tynamite

So there I was in the Under Room. After the two went back to their own devices, I went to look around. I noticed a hatch, that when I opened it, it was a drawer that opened towards me. I pulled the handle and I noticed that it had a long tunnel too.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's a storage facility, you put stuff in it" replied the redhead.

Before they were given a chance to finish, I put things from my backpack, mainly papers up the chute. I put them in the 32 degree drawer, closed the drawer, then opened it again, expecting it to be gone.

"It's a time capsule, for the people who come here in the future to see it, and see what the past was like. People aren't going to see that for ten years."

That was strongly annoying. Even more so, that I noticed cabinet drawers at its right, beneath it. It was amazing how all these things were integrated with the wall.

Let me tell you something you might of missed. The backpack. It spontaneously appeared and disappeared as I needed it. In this world, it runs by different rules. The rules that happen, that make the place special. One of them, is that some people include a general purpose bag or backpack on themselves, that they can summon once they need any of the things that are inside it. It's used mainly for retrieval purposes as even I forget that it's there. Gone the papers went. Also when people leave shops, they use the bag that's provided to them. People really do forget the on demand bag exists.

I wondered that if I just sent my work towards the future, whether there would be any past work lying around for my future. I opened up one drawer, and I saw that it had lots of drawings. I held the drawings in my hand, flicking through them. They looked like they were done by primary school kids.

"Those pictures were done years ago, from the time capsule." the other one said.

I looked at her, and gave her a dismayed look.

"They really did. It came from the school with the three floors."

"They look good" I said in agreement.

The two went back to what they were doing, facing the wall, before I came in. I don't know what they were doing. They were huddled up close, talking. I didn't know what they were talking about. I stood in the room being happy to of found a room like this. I just hoped I wouldn't get bored in here too soon. Right now, it was just me listening to music.

Suddenly a low wooden table, and I mean low, emerged from the floor. There was a paper cup on it. I walked towards the two, and the redhead had hostile body language. The other one asked me if I knew what a paper cup was. I couldn't believe she didn't know.

I didn't reply as the question sounded rhetorical. I followed the two to the table with the redhead standing in front of me, and the other one stood at my side. She seemed more welcoming. I couldn't see what the girl in front of me was doing after she poured a bottle of lemonade, but I knew she was doing something to do with her having personal space.

The other girl gave me a yellow sticky note and whispered at me to stick it on her back. It had a smiley face. I whispered back no.

"Stick it on."


"Go on."


"She'll like it if you stick it on. It'll mean you want to be her friend."

"No she won't."

"Yes she will."

"No not really."

"Yes she will."

She stayed looking forward, and I gave in. "Make sure it's really stuck on" she whispered.

When I stuck it on the redhead, she turned around.

"Why are you sticking it on me?" She took it off. She looked infringed.

I looked to my right, but the girl was now behind me. I turned around once the one in front turned back, and she grinned at me. The one in front proceeded to pour her lemonade, and I didn't know what she was doing, until she turned around to walk back to the wall. The other one followed.

While I watched them from afar, they were talking about all sorts, pressing buttons and spinning dials and whatnot. That must of been how they've been controlling the music. I picked up something about some garden they weren't allowed to go to, and a gold necklace that nobody else had. They spoke about some red button here, that blew confetti, and they tricked me into pressing it. The paint they used for it, just flaked off when I put my finger on it. I saw a rectangular vent that led out of the Under Room, to give the room above, music. The music had a quieter and slightly reverbed sound in here. At least we could hear each other speak, at a distance. I wondered how I could ever, possibly get out.

© 2013 tynamite

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