#3 Line Making Flags

#3 Line Making Flags

A Chapter by tynamite

That dream world was boring me for some time, so I decided not to go back for a month. I wouldn't want to get myself distanced from reality, and besides, it was getting boring. I think I like the fact that I'm not permanently there, I mean here or there.

I hoped that the next time I arrived in the dream world, that I would be somewhere that I could explore. That never happened this time, Right now I was watching from above. It was one of those times. I'll explain to you how those watching from above things work. I would be in a place where I can see what's going on, where I can observe the people below, where they wouldn't think to look where I am, because I'm hidden. I can't make noise or move, unless I want to walk off, because then I would draw attention to myself. I find that observing others in these situations, is the best thing to do.

Right now I was on a seat on the above floor that was strapped. It was rotated on the z axis by 45 degrees, so I was leaning on my chair, whilst sat straight. There was also a hole in the floor, and the people's below ceiling, so they could have looked up, so we could have seen each other. I was watching the people below, while the room above I was in, was white empty, and with tiled walls, and white painted wooden flooring.

The room below was white as well, but it had lots of coloured paper stuck on the walls, to brighten it up. The people below looked like they were anticipating something. They sat in opposite rows of sky blue tables, looking like they were anticipating something. They sat in opposite rows of sky blue tables, looking like they were anticipating something. I looked at the people and they were talking to each other. One of them stood up and demanded that everyone stands up and spin around. That's what they did. Another one commanded everyone to fall off their chairs. That's what they did. People got up smiling. As always with these observing situations, it would take me a long time to figure out what was going on.

There were white cabinets with drawers that went all the way along the walls. A person got up to take flags out for everyone, one for each person. They had nine black squares of a grid slotted into them, that could be taken out. Everyone looked happy to receive these flags. It was like the Kinder Surprise eggs, miraculously had two toys inside.

So there I was, looking down from above, at all the faces in this white room, turning at each other and looking straight ahead. And one of them proposed that each side should try to have all of the flags be of the same pattern, without anyone talking or showing each other what they were. I decided to watch how they would do this.

I watched the faces of the two rows struggle, that struggled to do this. Some people attempted to show others their flags to the person sat next to them, but they were stopped by that person who was sat next to them. It was fascinating to watch people who aren't inquisitive, to do something like this. It felt like I was watching school children do something they thought was amazing.

I watched them as some of them found a way to communicate to the other one how to setup their flag. It had a 3x3 gap where black blocks could be pressed into it. At some point, the ones who miraculously by chance managed to be a little better at this, got out their seats to make sure that the 14 seats in their row were in sync. After this, several times, someone was appointed to walk down and check, after all that commotion.

It was now time to check if any of the teams had won. The team at the right of my view, all sat along their row picked up all their flags from the long table, revealed to the opposite row that they were all the same pattern, and smiled, all smiling.

"Haaaaaaaaa!" most of them said. Their flag had three black squares along the top, and one in the bottom left corner. Now it was time for the other row to show their flags. Their whole row of flags were messed up.

Nobody in the room was ready to do something relatively trivial after that game. They then played catch for a short period of time after that. People threw their flag to person adjacent to them on the other side of the room. And that other person threw their flag back, so the people were swapping their flags around, playing catch.

The flags flew in the air with breeze, with air resistance and lessened, and a guided path once the flag got past a certain point. The flags flew across the room easily, soaring across into people's hands as they caught them. Occasionally they missed, or they fell on the floor. I watched this, being interested in the whole game they were playing. They at first were under control, then they were kinda liberated but still following rules. To them, this is escapism. To me, it's not. Their control is their liberation. My liberation is my liberation. I wanted to be free from this chair. I had seen enough.

I let myself down from the seat, down the ceiling, to the floor from above. I was disorientated, but I didn't feel any pain. Everyone looked at me and then threw their flags on me as I lay on the floor. It didn't take long for the first flag to be thrown at me. Now I was feeling pain. Lots of flags were being thrown at me at once. Including ones that I hadn't seen, like there were magically more than 24 flags.

© 2013 tynamite

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