#5 Walking Home From Work

#5 Walking Home From Work

A Chapter by tynamite

The boredom is over.


16: 00

Having finally left work, Sheridon, Kerry, Terry, Stefan and Tracy were walking across the street in complete silence. In fact, the only nearby sound which could be heard was from keys and coins jingling in Sheridon's pocket. The silence whilst walking whilst walking allowed the five to take in their surroundings. Tracy liked being in a formation of five. She was seen taking a pen and small notepad in it and jotting down resourceful things she'd observed, for example, phone numbers and brand names.

"I can't wait to get to my house" said Tracy breaking the silence "My Mum's going to help me on my homework".
"Good for you!" spat Sheridon imagining her and her mother bonding together.
"Yes it is good" said Tracy not detecting lack of interest or any other negative emotion which he felt more than lack of interest.
"Then it's good for you that it's good" said Sheridon sounding rather rude not appreciating her untactful response. Tracy looked rather puzzled wondering what got Sheridon so wound up.

"So did we all have a good time?" asked Kerry.
"Yes" replied Tracy like a kid from nursery.
"No" replied Terry.
"Yes" replied Kerry.
"Don't walk under that, that's a ladder" said Tracy trying to help.
The four were approaching Debra's house and whilst the house was emerging from a landscape background object, to a permanent fixture to the eyesight; Sheridon was getting more nervous about walking inside.

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Author's Note

The boredom is over. Sheridon will be glad to be rid of Tracy. Now she's gone, what happens next?

In case you haven't noticed, I've jumped from 14:50 to 16:00. What could have happened in the final hour in the ClexaCubicle hotel workplace?

The story here is very flat, there's not much to it. Without Tracy there is no story. If Sheridon had made Tracy go home in Chapter 1 crying, the novel would have ended there. I'm trying to make the story thicker so that it can continue with Tracy gone.

My favourite part so far are the parts when Sheridon is teasing Tracy. I liked it when Sheridon winked at Tracy over buying chips, and when Tracy spilt drink and Sheridon called her an enigma. He knew she wouldn't know what the word meant.

What's your favourite part so far?

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Added on June 15, 2010
Last Updated on January 19, 2012
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