#6 Confronting The Debra

#6 Confronting The Debra

A Chapter by tynamite

You finally find out who, or what Debra is.


"This is your day of reckoning" said Kerry.
"This day is pivotal This day changed everything."
"You better of prayed that she never grassed on you."
The door got knocked and there was a silence before it opened. In that silence, Sheridon's nerve wracked.

"If I could emigrate to somewhere tropical I would. You've put me under the most terrifying conditions" said Debra with the tone of a snake's hiss. "Get inside then. You've got some explaining to do" Sheridon didn't have to walk two feet through the door for Debra to open her mouth again.

"What's this about threatening Michelle with a knife?" Sheridon froze.
"A knife?"
"Yes. A knife. What would possess you to stab your ex-girlfriend?" Sheridon searched for an answe with that being evident on his evolving face.
"Don't even answer that question you twat!" Spit landed on Sheridon's face which slowly started to trickle down his face.
"And what are you doing home from work one hour early?"
"We got told we could leave at four."
"And earlier today, I told you to leave at five" Debra took another puff of her cigarette "Don't you think there's a reason why I told you to leave at five?"
"No" Debra twisted her face and tilted it to the left.
"Yes. Personal preference."
"Do you think that I tell you to do things out of personal preference? Lying to the police is not a personal preference. Having you at my workplace as school is shut is not a personal preference. Having to lie to my colleagues is not a personal preference! I could go on but my voice is getting dry. Don't move your feet from that spot!"
In Debra's brief intermission in which Kerry told him he was an idiot to be rude and argue and that he should keep his mouth shut, Sheridon kept his feet put.
"Stop changing the subject. You know as well as I do that you threatened to stab your ex-girlfriend Michelle" said Debra storming into the passageway guns blazing.
"Maybe I did."
"Rightly so. So you threaten your ex-girlfriend with a knife and not even tell anyone that you did?"
"Maybe so", his eyes glanced to the side before answering.
"So what happened with your ex-girlfriend?"
"She was in his house and she heard a smash and she thought it was the washing machine's vibration smashing plates on the floor. So she saw me, leaned her head out the kitchen window, and then I threatened her to keep her mouth shut with a knife that I grabbed from the window."
"So you walked up to your ex-girlfriend, whilst she leant her head out the window, furious with you; then you went up to her, grabbed a knife and threatened her with it?"
"You really don't think think through do you? You are so f***ing f***ed. You're not making my life easy are you?"
"If you had told me you had done it, I could have made an alibi for you. Me having to make one up on the spot is not doing you any favours"
"You know I hate looking at your face? You're a disappointing spawn of a child."
"You better hope that this whole thing blows over. Because when you go down, I go down. And when I go down, I get a criminal record and possibly get sacked from my job."
"Why you have to threaten you ex-girlfriend for? I don't know"
"Can you stop calling her my ex-girlfriend?"
"Why should I?"
"Because my loss is painful. So I'm asking you to stop"
"Make me."
"Then I'll keep on saying it for as long as it takes for your court date to come."
"Have you any idea what I've been through today?"
"How do you think I felt when the policeman told me you could get two years?"
"Sad? Sad? Try again."
"Disappointed in me and worried sick?"
"And how do you think you should be feeling."
"Full of regret?"
"No! Like a twat! I already said you was one". Sheridon started to feel that he was a twat.
"No better yet" added Debra "Like a b******. Because you might as well be disowned. You're already grounded." The twins and Stefan nosily spectating Sheridon's humiliating embarrassment of a lecturous confrontation did not make him feel any better.

"So did you dispose of the evidence?"
"We both did" added Kerry.
"In the starred room like I told you?"
"Yes we did" replied Kerry.
"There's microwavable meals in the freezer as I have to go out to the hospital appointment I postponed", looking at Sheridon. "I didn't have the time to cook".
"But there's always microwavable meals in the fridge" Kerry argued.
"And you never have the time to cook" Terry insisted.
"Then you can cook yourself" said Debra being rude "There's enough ingredients in the fridge. It can be a good exercise as you're already a bit overweight. I mean on a diet". There was silence as the twins looked offended.

"I haven't finished with you" said Debra blocking Sheridon's path as he tried to walk off "You need to get your head checked. I suppose you want to know what happened whilst you was outside don't you?"
"The policeman was basically trying to trip me up."
"Lead the witness."
"Thank you. Lead the witness. They asked me What was the relationship between Sheridon and Michelle after Sheridon stopped being her boyfriend?"
"And what did you say?"
"That it was good. Then they said that any mother would know that her son would be more upset than good". Then I said that it was good for me that they were fine with each other. That they were on speaking terms".
"Did they say anything about my situation? About my case?"
"No. You're just being profiled as a revengeful ex with a motive."
"I see."
"Those police already have your fingerprints and DNA. Who knows what else they have on you?"
"Who knows?"
"So there you go you twat. Who are you?"
"A twat?"
"That's right."
"Respond with your real name in this house again and you'll be treated like a twat."
"I don't know what's worse. Maybe I should have never of got the f****ing custody over you when I got the chance. You in my house or you in prison tomorrow. I would get alot less grief and bills."
"And mouths to feed and disgust with your cooking"
Sheridon received a slap courtesy of Debra which took everyone by surprise.
"How dare you get cheeky to me. If you don't like my food, you're always free to try the twin's healthy alternatives"
"Get out of my sight!" hissed Debra forgetting that she was leaving her house making her statement without logic. Sheridon walked off and the twins followed behind him leaving Stefan to kiss Debra goodbye before giving her sweets.
"So did you hide the evidence hassle free?"
"Yes. Even though Debra's friend nearly caught us" replied Kerry.
"Us? He texted you to help him? How did that come about?"
"He forgot Debra's things as Tracy had them, so I grabbed them off her and ran off to give them to him"
"So it's Sheridon's fault for being forgetful?"
"No, because if he had remembered, the friend, Debra's friend, would have caught him with the evidence. I saved him."
"Isn't that ironic? If Tracy hadn't of turned up, you would have been screwed."
"How did Tracy know where I was going to be today?"
"How should I know? You're moaning to the wrong person"

* * *

The three were arguing over whose turn it was to watch tv. "Let's have a vote", suggested Kerry and Sheridon agreed and lost. "Let's play rock paper scissors" Terry suggested. Sheridon agreed and lost. Sheridon suggested flipping a coin. The twins agreed and won. What are the chances?

  Sheridon had had enough. Enough of the day's events, enough of the negativity that surrounded it, enough of the pending court case, enough of the fear that surrounded it. Right now the mandatory non-enjoyable situation of being at work ended and now he could retreat at home. All Sheridon wanted to do right now is watch tv. He really enjoyed the escapism. Today's troubles of the police interview had ended. Now his worry was over. He decided to forget his troubles and be happy. For tomorrow, was a brand new day.   

© 2012 tynamite

Author's Note

This chapter is very different to the other chapters as it has Debra in it XD. In fact every chapter with Debra in it, is a different chapter. She's a bit of a monster. What I love about my novel is that there's no bad people, no villans.

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