#9 People Will Always Talk

#9 People Will Always Talk

A Chapter by tynamite

First comes bullying, the next day comes gossip.


When Sheridon walked through the school gates, the same people who were teasing him were instead firmsing, saying safe to him. Sheridon reciprocated their safe, and then carried on his own business.

When Sheridon walked through the playground, the same boy who kicked a football at his head was instead doing a goalpost challenge. Sheridon did not think it was a good idea to play football with him today as he would normally do.

Sheridon heard a plane going past and turned around to look at it. He noticed that a group of girls who were looking in his direction stopped talking or moving. That's how he knew that they were talking about him. They were looking at him. He was looking at them. They were looking at him. "What the f***?" thought Sheridon. Sheridon stepped back and he lifted his watch on his wrist to his face, put on a fake shocked face then turned around and walked off. Whilst walking he did something that took everyone by surprise. He turned around and saw the girls resume talking. He gave the three girls a thumbs up and a smile before turning around and walking off.
"Stop gossiping my best friend girls" said Luke appearing from behind the girls. The girls did not reply "If you wanna know something about his criminal activity, go ask him"
"Does he really own a gun?"
"Alright. Does he want to get back with Michelle?"
Luke recorded the following conversation on his dictaphone.

* * *

The first lesson of the day was P.E. Sheridon liked this lesson as nobody could dare gossip about him whilst running round a pitch as they would lose the game if they did. P.E. was a great way for Sheridon to take his mind off things.

The second lesson was English. Sheridon found it nice to do some real work without being interrupted by noise or teasing. He was sat next to a girl who was his friend. This friend was asking alot of questions.
"Why is everyone cussing your Mom about Monday? It's like, they don't even know what happened on Monday"
"Yeah you're right Molly. I know that my mother would never grass on me to the police"
"I wouldn't say that. What if your mom doesn't want to get charged with perverting the course of justice?"
"I never thought about that"
"You never think about anything do you? Your life is like a play." The two laughed. The two laughed as they knew that Sheridon acts impulsively and suffers the consequences later on. Certain girls looked at Molly wondering what the joke was. Wonder they did.

Sheridon was still doing his school work and completing it.

"You should have seen yourself yesterday. Banging out the boy. You made him backflip"
"Yes. Backflip. You pushed him into a fence. You tried to punch him and he backflipped"
"Can you backflip?"
"Can you cartwheel?"
"Yes". The mindless banter continued throughout the lesson untill break time began.

Sheridon was not in a mood to play football today so him and his friends sat up the same tree again to reflect and think.
"Have you any idea what people have been saying about you?" asked Luke.
"That you're strong?" "Adorable" "A dickhead" "A troublemaker" "Got problems?" "Volatile?" "Needs counselling" "Fit?"
"I have no idea" replied Sheridon.
"Well listen to this" Luke played the dictaphone recording.
"What? You carry a dictaphone everywhere you go to spy on people?"
"No. Yes. It's for my homework I need to record birdsong and other background noises. How did you think I knew what raffle ticket to buy? I won £100."
"You are weird" added a friend.
"Sheridon?" asked someone shouting up a tree looking smaller from above, "Can I come to your court case?" Everyone froze speechless and looked at each other.
"Yes. Why not?" replied Sheridon to the girl. The girl walked off and heard a boy up the same tree shouting "You are on it!" to Sheridon.
The same boy continued "Why don't you make her your rebound girl and then s**g her? You must be horny after all the kinky sex you had with Michelle"
"We never had kinky sex" argued Sheridon.
"That's cool" added the same boy, "More easy pickings for me if you're not interested. You'l soon get jealous of me."
"I'm not interested in girls anymore" replied Sheridon "I'm only interested in Michelle."
"Aaah! You need a means of moving on. How about you go to a club with me on Saturday?"
"I can't because I'm grounded. And if I could, I would still not want to go"
"You are a hopeless case. You know that?"
"At least I'm not as desperate as you Kamirah"
"As I was saying" interrupted Luke "Listen to this"
He pressed play on the dictaphone

"I don't know if he's over Michelle. I't shard to tell"
"I hope he isn't so I can be his rebound girl"
"I hope he is so I can know that he likes me"
"What will you do if your attempts fail?"
"If it fails, you will cease to be my friend and you will no longer be given this chance to get to know me"
"To get to know us."
"That's why you must help us. If you help us, we will reward you"

He pressed play on the dictaphone that stopped.

"So Sheridon, your loss is setting everyone, no all your friends with girls. Isn't that ironic?"
"Yes it is" replied Sheridon not adding that the girls were bribing Luke, making the potential relationship they could have not genuine.
Sheridon asked if any of his friends gave anyone including Tracy his new mobile number. They all swore they didn't.

In the third lesson which was Geography, Sheridon was chatting to Molly and two other girls. His four male friends were in the row behind him.
"So how do you feel about everyone chatting your business?" asked Molly.
"It's really bad. All I want to do is go to school and forget about my problems; but no, I can't. People just want to know what I did."
"But you're popular" added Maya. "You can ride it"
"I wish I got the attention you got" added Meena.
"Trus' me! I would never have to wear a skirt again" added Maya.
"I kinda feel sorry for you" explained Molly "You never got the time to mourn for your loss of Michelle"
"And now she's with Ryan. He doesn't even go to this school" added Maya.
"Who's Ryan?" asked Meena.
"Don't tell her" instructed Sheridon. "This conversation is not a newscast"
"I heard that Tracy is back in your life" Molly said changing the subject.
"Yeah, who would have believed it? She says that my mom gave her my new mobile number and that my mom told her where I would be on Monday?"
"Did she?" asked Molly.
"She must have given out my number, but not my whereabouts. Damn I hate that girl"
"Who's Tracy?" asked Meena.
"You wouldn't know. She doesn't go to this school" explained Maya.
"She's the worst girl I've ever met" explained Sheridon.
"What he's trying to say Meena" explained Molly, "is that Tracy is a girl he doesn't like, who keeps stalking him. He finds her infuriating."
"What does she look like?" asked Meena.
"Never mind what she looks like" replied Molly "It's all about what she dresses like. Imagine a geek who tries to dress trendy, that's her."
Maya added "She wears glasses, a satchel, fluffy boots, odd socks, a watch, bangles, a headband, and sometimes she'll wear a T-Shirt with illustrations on it"
"This Tracy person sounds cool" added Meena much to Sheridon's annoyance.
"What are you going to do with Tracy?" asked Molly.
"I can't. Whenever I try, my twin sisters make me feel bad for making her cry"
"You are f***ed" added Maya as she could not articulate her words. "You need to get over Tracy and Michelle. Fast"
"Tracy I can't, and Michelle, I'm trying"
"You seem to know lots of people outside school" added Meena "I'm sure there's two times ten people outside school that you like"
"Did you see what happened on Tuesday? All my so called friend apart from the back row took the piss out of me and never defended me. I have no certainty in my life. Molly is right. My life is like a play"
"You don't know how good you have it" explained Meena "Your life is like a children's soap and our life is an adult soap. You moan and whine about your big problems. but to us adults, they're trivial."
"She's got a point" added Maya, "You're more upset about Tracy than you are about Michelle. Get a grip."
"My sisters told me to get a grip over Michelle"
"You're living life in the fast lane" ,added Maya"
"Fast lane I am" agreed Sheridon.
"Everyone's saying they're going to miss you when you leave?" said Molly
"You're leaving school?" interrupted Meena all shocked and taken aback.
"What are people saying about me?"
"Well the girls are trying to make the most of you while you last. And people are saying that you're dating Tracy"
"I like that rumour. It means that everyone thinks I'm taken"
"You don't want a girlfriend?" asked Meena.
"Not anymore I don't. From this moment on, I am asexual." The back row of Sheridon's friends laughed.
"So you're no longer attracted to girls?" joked Maya fluttering her eyelids.
"That's right"
"For real?"
"You could be any girl. An ugly girl. A pretty girl. A lovely girl. It doesn't matter to me anymore. All girls are the same"
"You are worse than I thought!" added Molly, "I've seen something like this on tv. You're scared to love again because you fear the next girl you fall in love with will hurt you"
"Well you know what they say?" asked Maya "It's better to of loved and lost, than to of never loved at all"
"What does that mean?" asked Molly.
"It means that love sucks" replied Sheridon.
"It doesn't suck for me! I've got three slags on rotation! interrupted the same boy.
"Stop being a pervert Kamirah! Oh I forgot! You can't" said Molly annoyed, embarrasing him.
"He's an idiot I know" explained Sheridon.
"Why do you hang round with him? He gives boys like you a bad name"
"He's safe! He makes bare joke and I can trust him to always have my back."
"Bros before hoes?" interrupted Kamirah "There's so many two faced white girls about. They don't want people to know that they sleep with black boys." Molly bent her head down to rummage through her handbag, this ensured that nobody could see her blush.
"This world is sexist" aired Meena. "Girls always get slated for sleeping around when boys get respect for it"
"True. Girls nowadays wait long to give their virginity to someone, to only regret it later on", explained Maya.
"Do you regret giving your virginity?" Sheridon asked the tree girls. Kamirah listened attentivly.
"No. I'm still with my boyfriend" replied Molly.
"Yes. All boys are the same" replied Maya.
"I'm still a virgin" said Meena timidly.

"Your answer's going to be a no" assumed Maya.
"Boys **never** regret losing their virginity" Meena said.
"I do and don't regret it" explained Sheridon.
"You girls are sexist" interupted Kamirah "I regretted **my** first time. You know when you sleep with someone and you feel dirty afterwards? That was me! As soon as I'd done, I ran so quick into that bathroom. It took ages for me to figure out how to turn the shower on. That day traumatised me"
"I do not want to hear the rest of your story" hushed Molly.
"Let's talk about something other than sex" insited Maya.
"Good idea" seconded Meena.
The fact is, that was little else to talk about, at least not as interesting anyway.

The geography teacher's lesson was about a village which a housing company had 200 houses developed in a wasteland. The problem which arose is that the traffic escalated on 20mph roads, and that public services were overstretched. This meant that police and firefighters could not reach desired destinations as they were understaffed. The catastrophic events that followed were burgularies and drug dealing in areas where the criminals knew they would not be caught by the police.

"I would love to live there." said Sheridon making conversation, "Could you imagine all the crimes I could do there"
"Yes. No. You're a nice boy really. You would never be a criminal" replied Molly.
"Now your sisters, that's another story. I don't like Kerry. She's the bad one" said Maya making conversation.
"Yeah my sisters. Just don't give them any drink"
"Them girls are animals" agreed Maya.
"I heard from somewhere that your mom wants your sisters to get pregnant so they can have a reality check" replied Molly.
"Or! You could have a reality tv show! One's pregnant. One's not. And you get two cameras and film the difference!". Maya and Molly laughed leaving Meena feeling left out. Besides, she was not ever Sheridon's friend anyway.

"I need help on my work" announced Meena. "On Question 6, where it says **What can people who have gained negative equity from the village's expansion do to increase their house price? What do I write?"
"That's a hard one" said Maya.
"I'm having trouble even reading the question" said Molly not understanding what negative equity meant.
"They could downsize to a shabby house, renovate it, then move up the property ladder" replied Sheridon.
"They could wait for house prices to increase" replied Molly.
"Don't write that" said Sheridon "That's not advice, that's a coping mechanism. They could have a tenant in their house to make up for the money they've lost."
"They could take out another mortgage for a nearby house and sell both houses as a bundle" added Maya.
"Good idea, but this question is assuming that they are still paying off their mortgage, and if they are this answer will not work. Write it down anyway."
"They could buy a nearby house and knock it down. Then there will be more skyline. More beautiful village side views, the houses selling point will be back" added Molly.
"Don't write that Meena. The homeowner would have to knock down more than one house to get their equity back. They could setup a village council to solve crime and improve the public image of the village."

The forth lesson of the day was good for Sheridon as well.

At lunchtime Sheridon pushed in front of the Year 7 kids in the dinner queue as he always did everyday. He ordered chicken and chips, a chocolate cake and a juice carton. That was his school lunch.

As soon as he put his tray down, Meena, one of the girls he saw talking about him before school, and another girl he did not know sat next to him. Sheridon wondered how long they waited for him to show up.

"So are you here to talk about my criminal activity?" said Sheridon breaking the ice.
"Yes. What did you do?" asked Meena.
"No we don't want to know that" said the earlier girl.
"No **we** don't" added the unknown girl differentiating themselves from Meena.
The earlier girl continued "We want to know why you were unfaithful"
"I'm not unfaithful. I've never cheated on any of my girlfriends"
"We heard that you left Michelle for Tracy"
"Who told you that? I've never cheated on any of my girlfriends?"
"That's good" replied Meena.
"That's a nice change" added the unknown girl, pretending to believe him.
"So I take it that none of you want me to go to prision. Is that right?"
"Remember the astrofunk?" said the earlier girl.
"Remember the bandanas?" said the unknown girl.
The two girls looked at Meena, but still, she had nothing to say that she remembered.
"Surely you remember something that happened to me prior this week?"
"Nope" Meena said smiling, for what looked like a weird reason.
"That's fine with me" said Sheridon assuring her so she wouldn't feel left out "I find girls who know nothing about me attractive. It makes me work twice as hard to find out what your deal is." Sheridon ate some of his chips from a box. Meena turned her head from her food to Sheridon, not saying a word, waiting for him to speak.
"So what are you going to do after school?" asked unknown.
"Surprise me"
"It can't be that hard can it?" Meena agreed. Meena and Sheridon both interpreted what the unknown girl said to mean **What are going to talk about?**
"Are you his friend now?" asked earlier. Meena smiled.

The two other girls wondered how a girl with no popularity, credibility, or reputation could be Sheridon's friend. How was it possible? **It can't be that hard can it?** Only a girl who was not interested in chatting up Sheridon who did not have to say anything to gain his attention could be his friend. A person trying to make friends has to establish themselves as a friend with their desired friend through conversation, actions, and getting to know each other. It did not seem to be the case that Meena had to do that. **It can't be that hard can it?** If she was challenging them, which she was, it must have meant that as she was a true friend, she could go a week withough saying anything to him, and have it not matter to their relationship, for they would still be friends.

The girls continued their conversation about whatever they were talking about and more. They talked about Sheridon, and they talked about themselves. Having a conversation about how hard it is to have a conversation. If Sheridon wanted to show his mother what school was like whenever girls get nervous around him, this would be a scene he would show her.

* * *

Sheridon left the canteen with Meena so he could make the other two girls jealous.

When Sheridon went up the tree with Meena, he was surprised to see another girl up the tree.
"It's the girl whose coming to your court case. Consider me your matchmaker" said Kamirah.
"Only I'm allowed to bring others up the tree"
"I hope you don't mind. She doesn't."
"Of course she doesn't stupid" interrupted Luke, "It's not her tree"
"I've brought her for **you**, not me" argued Kamirah, "If she's good enough for your court case, she's good enough for the tree"
"Alright. Just this once" said Sheridon making it look like his permission is the only reason why the girl is still up the tree.
"You should charge people who go up here without permission" added Meena.
"I was trying to" explained Sheridon.
"No I mean money"
"Nah! Even I'm not that popular" said Sheridon ignoring the fact that there were four other boys up the tree.
"Money? I like that" agreed Kamirah.
"I think it's a disrespectful idea" argued the other girl.

"Sheridon", sterned Luke, "I want a word with you higher up the tree". They went up to whisper.
"Do you think that you can trust someone who **pays** her way to our friendship?"
"I don't know. Yes. She's a girl with no social skills who wants to make friends"
"She could be one of Ryan's spies. Who knows how many spies he has? How else would he know that you threatened Michelle with a knife".
"What? Ryan's got spies? But Meena said she knows nothing about me and that she doesn't know who I am"
"Then she's having you fooled. She must have seen the fight or head something yesterday"
"She wasn't here on Tuesday"
"Well. Then she. Just keep your enemies closer. I would not trust her"
"Good advice"
The two went down.

"What do you think they were talking about" asked the girl who was coming to Sheridon's court case.
"I dunno" replied Kamirah. The wind blew the girl's hair onto Kamirah's shoulder and continually did that.
"I hope they don't charge girls access to the tree. I would prefer that nobody would be allowed except you five if that was the case"
"Could you imagine it? It would be like an escort service. Except that there's four other boys watching you!"
Meena's eyes were bouncing across the tree to look at whichever person was talking at the time. She looked like she was watching a silent movie and behaved as though she was in one.

"Who's Meena?" asked one of Sheridon's friends.
"She's a girl who wants to be my friend. I just met her today"
"And you're her friend?" Meena became saddened. This was evident.
"Yes as a matter of fact. Yes I am"
"In less than a day?"
"Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you"
"Since when do you become friends with someone like her in two hours?"
"Since I realised how a nice person she was"
"Nice person? She could be a murderer. You don't even know her"
"I want to get to know her"
"I would love to see that happen. It'll be like shopping in the high street on Christmas Eve"
Meena's face looked worse than Tracy's ever did on Monday. Sheridon wondered what Meena's self esteem looked like. Meena was falling and Kamirah caught her without dramatics.

"I'm going to enjoy this lunchtime while it lasts" said the other girl.
"Was your weekend rubbish?" asked the other girl
"Yeah it was" replied Sheridon "Why can't I ever be grounded on the days when I don't have to go out?"
"But you always have to go out" interrupted Kamirah.
"I know. I remember when I missed a birthday party. Gutted."
"It can't be worse than when I missed the bouncy", the girl laughed, "Oh yes it is".
"So what are you doing nowadays?"
"Oh you know? Being grounded, dealing with my mother, getting stalked on NectarFace"
"Oh no!" shouted Kamirah.
"I don't like receiving friend requests on NectarFace. I just like sending them"
"Whoever made NectarFace needs to get murked. It's full of paedophiles"
"Is it? I didn't know that"
"It is. I keep getting friend requests from pretty girls who turn out to be men"
"So you go outside to meet random girls?"
Sheridon had a unhappy look on his face "Yes"
"So the girls in school aren't good enough for you?"
"No? No! You see, I can tell these men - I can find out what all the paedophile accounts are by finding out which members have multiple accounts"
"How do you do that?"
"You lookup your friends by email address. In the search results, you'll see that paedophiles have the same photo in every city"
"That's very clever"
"I think Meena's on NectarFace but she doesn't chat to boys so it could be a fake account"
"What's a fake account?"
"When a paedophile steals someone's photo and pretends to be them. I think they have a scanner, that reports you when you use display photos that are not original, but anyway. You can tell when an account is fake when the recent activity on their profile shows they only communicate with one sex."
"I didn't know that. But not everyone who does that is a paedophile. You see with boys, they only chat to girls, but girls chat to both"
"So any girl who only chats to one is either a lesbian or a male paedophile" interrupted Kamirah.
"But you said that you met men over your rubbish weekend" she irritably reminded him "I thought you was grounded"
"I've got a secret you can't tell anyone without breaking my contract when Meena leaves. "Yes I am but my Mum was so high this weekend she didn't know whether I was mowing the lawn for seven hours or breaching my grounding"
"I see"
"I can't go out this weekend because my Dad is supposed to help her drug addiction"
"But she hasn't got a drug addiction"
"That's right. But he doesn't need to know that That she has total control over her drug intake"

* * *

Sheridon was trying to make conversation with Meena so that she would not feel so left out of the group. Sheridon liked the silent positive feedback, trust and rappor he got from Meena as it made him feel important and cared for. Sheridon liked the fact that whatever Sheridon exhibited in his actions, she would want more, that she could never get bored of him. Sheridon wondered if Meena would feel the same about him if Meena was a popular girl. Would Meena tire of Sheridon once they became friends for long enough? Whatever Meena's true motives for wanting to be Sheridon's friend, he was surely enjoying the connection they had, even if they did not do anything substantial, or speak much.

"Was you in school on Tuesday?" asked Sheridon.
"No I wasn't"
"Why not?"
"I was ill. I had a cold"
"If you was in school on Tuesday, you would have known who I am."
Meena just looked into Sheridon's eyes waiting for him to resume talking. She did not realise, like everyone else did, that she was meant to move the conversation along by asking what happened on Tuesday.
"I won a fight. The whole school saw it".
The four and the other girl watched the fight off their phones.
"Why do you want me to know you won a fight?"
"I don't. Forget it. Anyway, are you looking forward to the school trip on Friday?"
"No not really no"
"Do you know Tracy?"
Meena paused wondering why she was being asked this again. "No"
"Do you know Ryan?"
"Do you know Kerry or Terry?"
"Do you know me?"
"What's my name"
"I don't know"
"You've heard it about twenty times today"
"I'm no good with names"
"Do you know Michelle"
"Do you know who Royal Navy is?"
"No. Yes" realising she had been tricked into thinking of a fictitious person rather than a government service.
"What do you know?"
"Do you want to be my friend?"
"This is weird. How could she say no to all them questions?" asked Luke rhetorically to Sheridon.
"I know. Where's she been the whole school time?"
"Maybe," said Kamirah "instead of her trying to be your friend, you should try to be her friend". Luke zipped his lips which indicated to Sheridon not to say it was a good idea, which it was.
Luke didn't want anyone to give anything away that Meena was being sussed out.
"What is **that** in your hand?" Is it a daisy chain?" asked Kamirah.
It was. Meena hid it behind her back.

* * *

"Oh sugar." said Luke "It's raining."
"It's only drizzle" Kamirah dismissed.
"For **nowww**" said Luke rudely.
"At least we're up a tree" dismissed the other girl.
Meena looked alot happier than she did before as she felt that she was more in the group.
"You're quiet today" said the other girl adressing Meena.
Meena looked at her, then slightly to her right, her head met the other girl's eye contact, she looked like she was about to say something, her eyes lit up, her mouth opened, the other girl's happiness rose from anticipation, and then Meena closed her mouth and resumed normal activity; which was being mute.
Kamirah lifted his right hand and span revolving his finger to show Meena was crazy, his finger was pointing at his head.
"Why don't we play a game?" suggested Kamirah.
"What sort of a game?" asked Sheridon indicating his answer was not a yes or a no.
"Why don't we all say nothing untill Meena speaks? Whenever she's around us?"
"I like that idea very much. Yeah why not?" The four of Sheridon's friends agreed and voiced how fun the game would be. The other girl disliked there being a game that would mock Meena. This was evident on her face. But she dared not say a word as it was not everyday that she could be up the tree she was up.

* * *

The bell rang and it was time for form period. Meena did not know what was worse; the punishing silence or her absence of the group that was forthcoming.

In form period, Luke and Sheridon were trying to figure out what Meena was about. Ironically, there were Citizenship moral posters such as
|>If you don't believe in yourself, no-one will.
|>There is no I in team.
|>A little respect goes a long way.
|>Don't judge a person by their cover.
Luke liked the poster with a book on it.

"Who do you think she hangs round with when we're not around?"
"I've no idea" replied Sheridon.
"I really do think she's a spy for Ryan"
"She says she doesn't know who you are but yet she wants to be your friend"
"Maybe she's just bored and lonely?"
"People who are bored and lonely don't base their friendships on lies. That's what deceitful people do."
"Good point. Girls are good at lying and being fake"
"Yes they are. Meena is too compliant. She has no opinions and no imagination, she just follows.
"Meena does have opinions. I heard them today."
"So did I. She's up your backside. She's sucking up to you. She's worshipping the very ground you walk on."
"I can't accuse you of being jealous so I have to agree"
"Thank you"
"Something bad happened to me last week. Tracy got my phone number"
"She never! How did she get it?"
"She says that my mum gave it to her. When I get home I'll ask her if she did. Then I'll know"
"So I imagine your stalker has been sending you harrassing texts"
"Yes have a look."
Sheridon took his phone out to go to his earliest received Tracy text since she got his new number. It read.

Hi Sheridon! Don't mean 2 bother u! Thinkin bout our time apart I hope you dont read this in disgust i only exist 2 brighten ur day i hope you c it my way hows u?
"Did you reply?"
"No course not. I would have to be suicidal to do that. Look at this reply I got."
If u didnt wnt 2 speak 2 me u cud hav sed u leave me wiv so mny q's y cant we eva tlk ne mur im gona find a day wen we can tlk about y u leave me like this u will c
"I told her I was grounded so I could never see her again. She never believed me. Look at this text where she admits to stalking me."
"She's talking like you were in a relationship" said Luke.
Your honesty sux ru gonna pretend 4eva dat u like me and blame dis on being grounded? ive had enuf of ur s**t! i will find u sumwer sumday u will b reckoned wiv
"Oh my gosh! Tracy admitted to being a stalker"
"There you have it. Do you now see my predicament? **That's** why I need to know who gave Tracy my phone number"
"I feel for ya mate. You had to endure her presence on Monday"
"That reminds me. Who told her that I would be at my Mum's workplace at Monday? My mum said it wasn't her."
"And who told Ryan, who told the police that I threatened Michelle with a knife"
"Yeah. That. Well it's just. Always." Sheridon walked off to his last lesson with no further comment.

* * *

The teacher was absent for the last lesson, meaning that the class could exhibit unadulterated madness. The noise coming from the room was atrocious. So atrocious that the teacher next door told the class off telling them that she was trying to teach.

In the last lesson of the day, people, mostly girls, used the last lesson as a means to ask nosy questions.

"Are you going out with Tracy?"
"Are you going to prison?"
"Why are you chatting to Meena? She has no cred."

© 2018 tynamite

Author's Note

11 pages of A4 typed up, that's 22 pages in my handwriting. It's long and it has the butterfly effect like my whole novel does. If Marie thinks Familiarity Breaks is some sort of comedy, she is completely wrong. It's a very serious story.

This is my favourite chapter of the novel because I love how it changes from chapter 8 from being a solitary tunnel vision of Sheridon's day to being one that accounts for other characters and you get to know them better. I love the atmosphere I love how the vibe of the whole year group chatting about Sheridon is portrayed. When I wrote this chapter I was laughing to myself and also saying "That is sad!". I love the world I've created in this chapter where everyone talks about Sheridon and how the people come in and out of his life like a play. I love the conversation here too. This reminds me of secondary school.

What do you think of the 1> chapter, 2> where the story is heading, 3> Sheridon, 4> Luke,5> Kamirah and 6> Meena.

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Added on June 23, 2010
Last Updated on August 26, 2018
Tags: school, playground, gossip



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