#5 Rebellion

#5 Rebellion

A Chapter by tynamite

As much as the kids enjoyed being at school by using the key, all the wanted to do is be at their real school. No matter what they enjoyed from using the key, none of it stopped any children from wanting to be at a real school. The reason why they wanted to go to a real school, is because they wanted to know what was really going on. If there was something different happening at school, they wanted to know. If one of their friends were thinking or doing something, they wanted to know, Although the school they had been going to for the past two days, was unpredictable, they preferred the unpredictability of the other school.

The school that they had been going to is a very nice environment. It also had very nice lessons. In the school, whenever it was break time or lunch time, the playground would erupt with the sound of young screaming kids, with boys whose voices had not broken yet. When it was time to play, the kids would talk and play many playground games. When it was time to eat at lunchtime, the kids would eat from a plastic tray with a dinner, drink, cutlery and dessert compartment.

Other things that made school, school, is that they would have assemblies sometimes, and have a thought for the week, Christian hymn singing, or a reward assembly where many kids received certificates and a sticker. The kids liked getting on the happy side but didn't like getting on the sad side.

Everyone in the school classes got along too well, even though teachers and dinner ladies were asked by kids or had top step in to solve them. The whole time was special.

The mother and her three children were now in the kitchen, and they were now eating cereal as they had ran out of pop tarts. The only had one packet. Hayley had ran out patience with her mother, so she had given up ever again asking when she was going to go back to school. When the mother looked at Hayley, she wasn't looking sad in the slightest., When she looked at Esha however, she was looking unmotivated. The tutor would be in the house soon, and there was nothing she could do to cheer her kids up. She looked at Eashan, and he looked like he didn't mind about anything. He looked as happy as anything.

A few minutes later, the bowls and spoons were in the sink, and the tutor had just got into the flat. The mother would sit far in a seat in the background, watching the tutor educate her kids for the next four hours. She didn't mind though, as she had set the Videoplus to record the tv shows she wanted to watch. She liked it that she was recording in short play with a blank TDK tape, so she would have the quality.

What the mother did notice about Esha, is that not only was she unmotivated to work, but also that she was also unwilling to work. When the tutor asked her about what suffix the word jumping had, she was bitter about her answer. She was also reluctant to answer harder questions that required thought. The tutor asked the mother for some assistance, and she said that she would deduct one hour of time for every half an hour that she refused to follow instructions.
"Education is important" she said, making her stand clear.
Esha stayed disobedient, staying how she was.

When school was over, the three children went to Hayley and Esha's bedroom, disappointed with the day's happenings.
"Those four hours were looong" said Esha.
"It wasn't that bad" said Hayley.
"Why do we have to be in this house anyway?"
"Don't you remember?" replied Hayley. "Things will improve. Mum says we'll see George's Marvellous Medicine if we pass the test at the end of the month."
"It's just so unfair." added Esha.
"Esha stop it. Come here." Hayley came to Esha to give a hug.
"This house is stupid anyway" said Hayley picking up torn up pieces of paper out the hole in the room.
"Hayley and Esha" shouted the mother from another room. "You better be tidying up your room. You haven't cleaned in three days."
"We will" shouted Esha back to her mother.

"I don't know why we have to clean up anyway" said Hayley. "It's only going to get messy again." Hayley smiled at Esha, and Esha laughed. "Why? Why can't I get these bits of paper, and chuck them on the floor?" They flew across the room. Esha laughed. Hayley spent the next few minutes playing with the hole, before messing up the room making Esha laugh. Only Eashan tried to tidy up the room for some time before giving up because of the mess that would amount later on.

As Eashan tidied up the room, he picked up the glowing key, and Hayley saw this.
"Hey that's my key!" exclaimed Hayley running towards him chasing after him. She fell on top of him, and there was a bang on the floor. She took the key off him and stood up.
"Rrrrrrrrrr! You broke it!" said Esha observing it all.
Hayley looked at the key, and saw that it wasn't glowing any more in her hand.
"No you did Eashan" said Hayley in hysterics.
"No I didn't you pushed me" said Eashan. He snatched the key off Hayley, and it started to glow again.
"Whoa!" said Esha taking the key off Eashan. "The key's starting to glow again." Esha looked down into her hand, and she was upset to know that the key was not glowing in her hand either. Esha put the key back on Hayley's bed and it started to glow again. Eashan picked up the key for a second, and his two sisters saw the key glowing in his hand. The key was put down now, and the girls weren't upset for more than two minutes about how the key wasn't glowing for them. They quickly moved on, and they had other things on their mind, such as going to a real school.

One hour later, the mother walked into the room, and she wasn't happy with what she saw. The room was messier than it was before in the morning, and that was the final straw after Esha misbehaving earlier. She sounded cross.
"Why is the room even messier than it was before? And why can't Esha do her school work?" The three kids looked at their mother unable to give an answer. "You've really disappointed me. I thought those things were important. I'm taking the key." The mother took the glowing key that lay on Hayley's bed, and left the room with it glowing in her hand.

That was Wednesday, a day of rebellion.

© 2010 tynamite

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Things are heating up. Great chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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