#7 Closure

#7 Closure

A Chapter by tynamite

The final chapter!


Today would be another day that the children would have to be home schooled. As usual the tutor would be in the house for eleven, and the children would have to wake up. Minimising the trouble it can be be to wake kids up in the morning, Linda was impressed with their behaviour. Linda was exceptionally impressed with how for once her kids were happy to be home schooled. She didn't know if it had anything to do with her taking the key away, or whether they had matured. She then laughed to herself "My children can never mature", she thought.


"Are we going to watch a video today?" asked Esha to the tutor when the tutor came.

The tutor smiled at her and told her yes if she got all her gold stickers. Linda took one look at her kids, seeing that they were happy, then she went to her bedroom to read her post that she had put on her bed earlier.


When she got on her bed to read the post, most of it was junk mail. One was a bill. She would pay that on Tuesday. She went back downstairs just to see if her kids were actually happy being home schooled for once. She looked, and they were. Now she could watch the tv shows she had recorded yesterday, thinking that nothing would go wrong today.


Because nothing was going wrong, at the exact moment her first tv show finished, that's when she had to watch an educational entertainment video with her kids and the tutor. Her show viewing wasn't interrupted. Linda and her kids enjoyed watching the edutaintainment video.


What was making Linda's children happy, is that they are actually appreciating real life. They're appreciating the small good times, in the times that are worse.


After the show finished, everyone except Linda went back into the kitchen to work. They were happy. Linda looked at the state of the flat, and how she wished to move out of the temporary accomodation some day. She hoped that like her kids, that she would be somewhere where she could be happy as well.


Linda looked up on the wardrobe and saw the key that she had put there high up out of reach. She saw it glowing, and she imagined what she would get up to if she used the key again. If she had the key, she could go to all sorts of places, she thought. She could escape the four walls of the unattractive flat, and live in a house that she felt happy to live in.


Linda got off the bed and walked towards her wardrobe. She lifted a black storage box from the top of her wardrobe, and the key lay inside. Linda was still surprised to see the key glowing. She picked the key up, and tilted it around, contemplating whether to use it or not. After a couple of seconds, she put the box and the key back, and put the lid that was off the box, on the box.


She decided to go downstairs and watch her kids instead. She knew her kids were looking as happy as they always did, and as they were more motivated to learn, she thought that it would be a good idea to see them with the tutor.


When she got to see her children, she was happy to walk in at the same time that her three children got a sticker. She saw all her kids happy to be learning and she watched, revelling in her children's happiness.


After the tutor had gone, and the kids were left to their own devices. Linda thought about the love she had for her kids. Her children being happy up to this point is what made her day a lovely day.


Whilst Linda was watching her recorded tv programmes, the kids thought that it was a good idea to go and look for the key. After much looking around, they finally found the key. They had been giving each other a life so they could actually get the box, and as they struggled, the box fell to the floor with a loud thud.


Eashan was meant to grab the box, but instead he fell with it. As he fell with it, it glowed in his hand. He went to Hayley and Esha's bedroom with it, and the others followed. As Hayley took the key off him, she noticed that the key didn't glow in her hands. Esha noticed the same thing for her as well.


It didn't take long for Linda to walk to her children and take the key off them. She would have given them the key back if they tidied their room. She would have to wait for that point.


With the key gone, Hayley asked if she could go to the park. Linda said yes. Esha wanted to go as well, and Linda said yes. Esha knew she couldn't go, so Linda told her she could watch children's things.


When Hayley and Eashan finally got back from the park, Esha followed them into her bedroom, and they started to tidy up the mess. Hayley took the last few paper strips in the wall into a bin, and Linda was later happy with the room and how mature they accepted their plight whilst getting on with the task in hand.


That was Friday, a day of closure.

© 2010 tynamite

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Ah...I"m sad to see it end. Your story was a great one.

Posted 12 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

There's only so many times you can use a magic key to get whatever you want and it stays interesting.. read more

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