#3 My Mother Won't Buy Me A Baguette

#3 My Mother Won't Buy Me A Baguette

A Chapter by tynamite

Today was a rubbish today because I’ve got a cold. Every time I want to breathe, I can’t, because my nose is blocked. I’ve tried blowing it and I can’t get it out. And it’s all my brother’s fault. He’s the reason I have a cold, with all his coughing and sneezing. Why does he have to give me the cold? He should cover his mouth or swallow it instead of be spluttering and blowing his germs everywhere.


My Mum was up early like us, getting herself ready to buy for me. I really hoped that she didn’t do any window shopping while she was buying me medicine and food and maybe something else I might make her buy me.


Today when we were eating breakfast, he never covered his mouth, and when I told him off, he told me it was fine because he was coughing into his food. That’s disgusting. And I had to watch him eat it because he’s so stupid. That cereal should have went in the bin. Those germs must have been dancing around in the bowl having a party, because they knew that my stupid brother would insert them into his mouth, so they could infect him with more germs again. My germs don’t do that. My germs get scared all the time like on the Domestos advert. They should invent one that you can drink. It’ll be like a drinkable Domestos, but you can drink it, like one of those friendly bacteria drinks, but instead they actually do something when you drink it because when my Mum brought a multipack of them, all she did is waste her money.


So I was eating my Golden Grahams, and I covered my mouth when I coughed. I said “See? That’s how you’re supposed to do it when you cough. Not cover your face with a bowl.” I looked at him, and he had a drop of milk that was still dripping down his jumper because the fibres were giving it friction. I had nasty thoughts while looking at the drop of milk. My brother stupidly asked, “How can you catch my germs, if I’m all the way over here, and you’re all the way over there?” I looked at him in disgust, not answering his question, and he cowered and quickly got on with eating his cereal, because I made him feel stupid, because he is. I’ve never known anyone so stupid.


My Mum went upstairs, and she told us that we had to get ready to go outside. I did what I was told because I know that I didn’t want to leave the house late. My brother had to get dressed by my Mum. He was so slow and lazy, that she had to undress him, and dress him herself. He was meant to put his socks on that were rolled up right next to him, while my Mum got my NHS number so I could get a free prescription. Five minutes later he’s stuck in the same position. Mum put them in his hands. I’ve never met anyone so stupid.


It was supposed to be a simple day, of me going outside with my Mum so I could get some medicine, but no. It was too much to ask. I had to be stuck with my brother because he was coming as well. He’s nearly outgrown his shoes, so Mum thought it would be a good idea for him to come as well. This is a bad idea. So instead of going to the local pharmacy, we instead had to go town in the winter weather which is miserable, so I had to wrap up in a winter coat and have my throat feeling all queasy while the cold air is making me feel woosy.


So we got off the bus, and now we were in town. We were on one of those old buses that shake and make a loud noise when it’s waiting behind a traffic light. Now we were in town, it was now time to eat.


Finally we got to Greggs so we could eat some food. My mother brought herself a baguette and then she asked my brother what he wanted. He said he wanted a sausage roll so he got it. She then asked me what I wanted, and I said that I wanted the same baguette she had. She said she didn’t have enough money for that. I asked for another baguette, and she said that she didn’t have enough money for that. So I had a chicken pie instead. I liked the chicken pie because it was tasty and hot.


We ate our food on the street, and as soon as we’d finished, she went to the cash machine to get some money out. She took out lots of money. I asked her to go back so I could get a baguette, and she said no. She said, “Do you think it’s important to get to the shoe shop early so that the best shoes for your brother don’t sell out?”  I replied, “No. I want a baguette now!” She didn’t give it to me now. I would have to wait.


When we got to the shoe shop, to buy some stupid shoes, the woman in the store sat my brother on a circular stool that little kids can sit on, without their feet touching the ground. The woman was feeling the ends of the shoes to feel if there was any space in them for his toes to grow. The fingers squished so there was some space. The woman asked him if the shoes were tight. He didn’t respond. He was just looking up into the air. I pushed him, and he looked at the woman who was looking at him. The woman asked the question again, and he said, “I don’t know if my feet are breathing. Can you take my shoes off and on again so I can find out?” The woman looked at him dumbstruck. I replied, “He’s always like this. He never sees what’s going on. He’s got stupid-eye-tus.”

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

This was twice as long XD! 1020 words!

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The ending part was so funny! I loved it, just like i loved the other 2 chapters :D
I must say though, the first one was the best (of the three) in my opinion. Nice job though! Please continue writing ^^

Posted 13 Years Ago

This was so funny. I laughed my head off the entire read. Outstanding job! I loved it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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