#3 Outstaying My Welcome

#3 Outstaying My Welcome

A Chapter by tynamite

Going back for the 3rd time. Am I mad? I'm looking for a slap. I'm just doing my ting innit, but I know I'm not wanted.

So two weeks I was back again, near the garden, so I flew on my orange hand glider to get there. You do know that the hand glider is appearing out of thin air from chapter one. This world doesn't have as much logic as the real world. Why did I have to arrive here again? Couldn't I be somewhere fun? I must have been dwelling on the secret garden too much. That's why.

So with nowhere else to go, I flew in again, and I landed in the same spot I was in last time. Why is it always two weeks? The girl came out from the back door as usual, and she gave me a false smile at the door, and said hello. It's not like her to say words like that. When she walked towards me, she didn't walk as willingly and excitedly as she did before. It wasn't nice to see her dismal and untrusting of me. She stood two feet away from me as last time, and she did not do her courtesy. The good weather was the same as it was before, and all she said was
"Hi-ya! There's nothing much for you to do today, but you can still come in."
She didn't look happy at all. It's heartbreaking because she was so compassionate before. I looked at the back door, and the boy was leaning on it. As I looked at him, he gave me a dismal wave, by holding his hand up and wriggling his fingers. He put his arm down, flopping it by his thigh, and confidently looked at me. It looked like he could predict the day's outcomings.

"Come inside" said the girl. I was walking in the house as she was, but I wasn't walking with her. She walked slightly ahead of me, and as I got near the back door walking in, and before, the boy just stared at me turning his head slowly as I walked in, to keep me in his sight. Now I wanted to leave, no, now I didn't feel comfortable in the house. Could I ever redeem myself?

Now I was in the house, I now felt that I was in a real house, like the one you go to, instead of a house in this world that felt like I was touring tourist attractions using a Lonely Planet guide. (It's a travel guide for lonely travelers made by one.) When I walked in, everyone was left to their own devices, not interacting with each other. The boy was watching tv, and the girl was playing Cross Solitaire. That's a game I made up when I was 15. My thoughts before entering here must have spilt into this dream type world. When I leave here, the game will disappear I think. In her bedroom, I noticed she had teddy bears on her bed. I'm not surprised. She looked at me for a second, and then carried on what she was doing. I'm shy, so I wasn't even going to attempt having a conversation with her.

I walked into the front room to see the boy watching tv, and as soon as he saw me, he turned the tv over. He put it on a news report, that had a similar resemblance to what I was doing yesterday.
"A man has been charged with fraud" the tv said, "for trying to access the backstage of a restaurant by posing as a timekeeper. It is believed the person was trying to steal recipes and be nosy, through deception, passing himself off as a friend."
The boy muted the tv, and looked at me with a blank face. He wasn't staring at me funny or anything. He un-muted the tv and mouthed the word fraud, along with the tv, then muted it again.
"You should be ashamed of yourself, but you're not" he said.
"You wouldn't know what I am" I replied.
"You wouldn't know what I am" he replied.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Never you mind" he replied.
"Alright them I'm gone. I'm doing my own thing."
"You do that. Sit in a room by yourself."

I went to the kitchen, and I was sure that I would be able to find something to do there. When I got there, I found that it was a normal kitchen. I'm sure that I would find something good to do there. I first tried stacking forks to make a tower, but that was pointless, so I tried filling bottles instead. I was making musical instruments by, you know how it's done.

The girl couldn't stay mad at me forever. She found me in the kitchen. She started a conversation with me. No she could still stay mad at me. She just wanted to talk to me before I left.
"So are you relishing, yourself today?"
It took me a while to figure out what she meant.
"Yeah today's good."
I could tell by the look on her face, that she knew I was lying.
"You're not honest, assuredly."
"No, I just didn't expect to be by myself."
"Aaah!" said the girl all sympathetic like a girl. "What's that!" she asked looking at the kitchen side.
"It's a musical instrument." She looked confused, so I banged a bottle with a fork. It made a lovely high pitched clanging sound. The girl's face instantly turned amazingly shocked. Give me a remote control like that any day. So me and her were playing music with our fake xylophones for some time. You should have seen it. You might of thought I was in charge or dominant, but it wasn't like that, she was. I had a fun carefree time with her, for now.

© 2019 tynamite

Author's Note

It seems like I can do no wrong when it comes to writing. Everything I come off with is a smasher, because people say I'm talented. About this chapter, nothing much happens in it, but you'll enjoy reading it anyway regardless. I'm trying to create the atmosphere here, so you can know what I'm going through. I'm the main character in this novel. What's the storyline? What's it about? Who cares? You liked it. XD

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