The Gorillas Are Not Mine

The Gorillas Are Not Mine

A Poem by Lizzy

Let me tell you what happened. No, stop with that look on your face. I'm not responsible, and I didn't wish to kill him. I loved him or whatever that feeling in your heart is called. I really cared about him. I think I still do. But you see, love is not always enough. There are so many variables in this thing called a relationship. There's a subject matter called reciprocation that is inversely related to distance which in turn is just a subdivision of circumstance. I miscalculated the distance, he minimally reciprocated, and circumstance served as our enemy. Love could not catalyze enough motivation and affection for both of us. The fault was not in love. It was in us. Actually, it was in him. Stop, right there. Yes, I have a motive, but my plan was not to attack him. It never really was. I know I shouldn't blame him. I was angry, perhaps still hurt. But 5 gorillas? I would never send five gorillas to show him what physical hurt feels like. I dreamt about it though. That I will confess. But I saved him; I am his hero and was his flame. So you see? I would never try to summon his death. At least not through gorillas. That's too simple. I'd rather do the dirty work myself. I'd have 5 consecutive beautiful women seduce him, make him fall in love with each of them (not at the same time), then break his heart one by one. Yes, that would kill him slowly. Perfect. Neatly done. No mess. No noise, but the silent cry of his blue heart. This sucks though. The gorillas got to have all the fun. I can just imagine it. Ha!-being chased by wrathful and violent animals, vowing to rip his limbs if it was the last thing they did. Come to think of it, they had to have a reason for doing so. You should go ask him what he did to provoke them. I'm sure he's still alive. That's why you came to me. Oh, please. Don't mistake my smile for anything devious. Sure, I was conveniently there. Sure, they mysteriously escaped from captivity. And yes, I'm bitter. But I assure you, the gorillas are not mine. 

© 2012 Lizzy

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When I read this one, I have a notion that the flow of things would be somehow funny. As I go on reading, I found out how emotionally deep love and bitterness can be all at the same time. This is an A+ for me. A real good one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 1, 2012
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Miami, FL

My name is Elizabeth. I love writing poetry and want to expand my interests by writing series of short stories. I would describe myself as quite complex, meaning that my personality has multiple shade.. more..

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