Do HIV Test by Yourself at Home using OraQuick HIV Test Kit

Do HIV Test by Yourself at Home using OraQuick HIV Test Kit

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HIV is a dangerous disease and it affects the overall immune system and sometimes even leads to death. Due to the Coronavirus Pandamic, there is a global disruption in HIV testing and treatment. That has caused an increase in HIV cases all over the world. During these pandemic times, people are not able to get themself to the clinics to do checkup for HIV, which is a big concern. Another big reason is the delayed response of hospitals; because they are treating patients of COVID-19.

Firstly, before knowing about The Oraquick HIV test kit you should know about HIV. It is an immune system attacking the virus. If there is no treatment provided for HIV; then it would lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

According to various research done on HIV, there is no effective cure for it currently. The person who has HIV can live a long and happy life without harming the life of their partners; after taking proper treatment to suppress the virus.

This virus actually came from a specific type of chimpanzee in Central Africa. Humans first encountered this virus far back in the 1800s, when people went hunting for these chimpanzees; for meat and came in contact with their infected blood. From then this virus started spreading slowly across Africa and later to other parts of the world.

Around 23.8 million people have been diagnosed with HIV in the world. Around 30% of all new HIV infections are spreading globally among young people of the age group 15-25 years.

You can identify HIV with the help of its symptoms. As in some people, there are flu-like symptoms within 2-4 weeks after the infection. These symptoms are mentioned below.

  • Rash

  • Night Sweats

  • Muscle Aches

  • Sore Throat

  • Chills

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

  • Mouth Ulcers

  • Swollen Lymph nodes

OraQuick is a great FDA approved oral swab in-home test which can help you with testing HIV-1 and HIV-2. It is one of the best oral swab tests which doesn't require blood.

This HIV testing kit helps you to do the testing in the comfort of your home. It is trusted by various healthcare professionals and is a clinically proven HIV test. There are about 20 million OraQuick HIV test kits that have been sold so far.

This testing kit offers you the benefit of confidentiality. If you have any issues you can contact the company support centre at any time. Their customer service representatives are well trained and available 24/7 for your service, to answer all your queries.

You can get your HIV test result in around 20 minutes by using this testing kit. While using this product you just need to swipe it on your gums. In this kit, you will also get step by step directions on how to use this product.

Steps to Use OraQuick HIV Test Kit

Step 1: You have to use the swab to collect HIV antibodies from the oral fluid.

Step 2: Once you have collected the oral fluid then you have to insert that swab inside the test tube. Then the oral fluid which you have collected will mix with the liquid and then show the result on the test stick.

Step 3: You can confirm the test by looking at the line. If the C-line turns dark in colour; then it confirms that the test is working properly. If there is no C- line appearing, then the test is not working. If only the C-line appears, then the test is negative.

Step 4: When HIV antibodies get collected then this testing kit will show T-line, which indicates that the test is positive. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about OraQuick HIV Test Kit

Which One is Faster and Efficient the OraQuick HIV Test Kit or the Standard HIV Test Kit?

The OraQuick is faster and efficient than the standard HIV testing kit due to its revolutionary testing technology. When it comes to the standard HIV testing kit they will take around a week to show the result. But when it comes to this testing kit; it only requires only 20 minutes or less to show the result at your home without using a drop of blood.

What are the Benefits of Using the OraQuick Rapid HIV Test Kit with Oral Fluids? 

OraQuick rapid HIV test is more safe compared to the standard test kit. This test kit gives more accurate results without taking too much time. It is also safer for the health professional who is taking the samples, as it gives less exposure to the infected blood which can cause contamination.

What is the Accuracy Rate of OraQuick HIV Test Kit?

The OraQuick oral fluid HIV test has a good accuracy rate, in some studies, the oral fluid test gives 91.6% accurate results to people who are infected with HIV. You can ask more questions about the oral fluid HIV test to your doctor and health care professional. As it is one of the trusted HIV testing kits among healthcare professionals.


The OraQuick HIV test kit is considered as one of the best rapid self-administered OTC (over the counter) tests. In this kit, you will find a test stick which is used to collect the specimen, a test tube (vial) in which you can insert the test stick to complete the test. In its packaging, you will also get directions to how to use this kit. There is also a disposal bag with phone numbers for effective consumer support in handling all your queries and clearing doubts.

This test is designed by OraQuick to detect antibodies to identify HIV. You can do an anonymous HIV test with this test kit. When you engage yourself in a particular behaviour then you put yourself at the risk of HIV infection. Hence in such cases, you will need this HIV test kit.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in some people, it takes up to 6 months to develop antibodies for HIV. Usually, around 97% of people develop antibodies in the first 3 months. Use this quick HIV home test from OraQuick to know your status and stay away from this dangerous virus.


This article is about the Oraquick HIV Test Kit and was written only for informational purposes. It was prepared by doing research from different sources both online and offline. For more information regarding this product, you can visit its official site and get proper guidance from a certified health professional for any particular treatment or queries.

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