The Voice Inside

The Voice Inside

A Chapter by Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor

Evening meditations.


The Voice Inside

A-MUSE-MENT : Thoughts, inspirations (of the 
"Muses" and such) taken to heart and given to 
mankind that they might profit by them (it's a lame 
definition but it will do for now).

I: The voice is the master.

THE VOICE: No. Not necessarily, says I. I prefer to 
think of myself as one who points out the 
possibilities. Your free will is master here. Gaze into 
the crystal. Tell me what you see.

I: I see the realms of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

THE VOICE: Explain.

I: The red of the sunrise and sunset, signifying the 
fire deep within the bowels of the Earth. For every 
sunrise there is a sunset. As each opportunity is lost 
so a new one presents itself. As something lives, so 
must it die. Each player shall have their turn.

THE VOICE: What is the way?

I: It is the way of Thyngz.

THE VOICE: Good! Now tell me, tell yourself, 
when do you hear my voice?

I: Only when myne own is silent. When my mind is 
calm and clear as crystal.

THE VOICE: Excellent! Continue. Describe the 

I: The Green is the living Earth and all that dwell 
upon and in the land, which is dark as death and 
Black. Life and death are one and the same 

THE VOICE: Pray, continue. and the Blue?

I: The Blue is the Ocean of Truth that surrounds and 
envelopes the land, without which all life should 
perish. The death of fire is rock which is consumed 
by the sea that it might become a bed for life.

THE VOICE: .and the Air?

I: The Air is the crystal, the crystal is the Air. 
Conduit of energy, highway of the elements.

THE VOICE: .and the towers? Do you see the 

I: Yes. They are the edifice of mankind that stand 
upon the land and sink beneath the sea.

THE VOICE: And the flea. what of the flea?

I: The flea is here to make a mockery of me and my 
imperfect existence. For every one I kill, ten more 
spring up to take its place. They represent the 
seemingly infinite fortitude of life.

THE VOICE: What is the way?

I: It is the way of Thyngz. Are there any others?

THE VOICE: As I mentioned. you know, you 
really are doing quite well. I didn't expect you to 
remember half this much. As I was saying, there are 
the ways of Truth, Justice, Beauty, Love and so on 
and for each of these there is an alternate path. Light 
and Dark. Dark and Light.

I: Who's to say which is which? Isn't it merely a 
matter of definition?

THE VOICE: Do you remember when you gazed into 
each chamber of the crystal? Do you recall the 
second chamber and what you described therein?

I: Yes. It was the face of Truth and Logic. A 
tormented visage. A face with one good eye that 
reflected alternately red and blue. The red 
representing the lust for knowledge and blue, the 
truth to know it when found. The other eye (I) was 
sealed shut. Blinded by Logic and the mouth, open 
wide, howling in despair (at its plight).

THE VOICE: All in all, a good nights work. Now, 
go to sleep. Perhaps we shall talk again.

I: .indeed.

© 2013 Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor

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Added on September 9, 2012
Last Updated on January 14, 2013
Tags: philosophy, immagination, mystic, introspection, vision, life, earth, air, wind, fire, love, magic, magyk, thyngz


Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor
Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor

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