A Story by John P. Eiler

An essay on conflicts in our world and personally in my life.


I hate arguing. Seriously, why do people fight? Why is there war? I can’t believe people think violence solves everything. Maybe it’s just cause I don’t like shooting people or hurting them. Maybe the gravity is a demon pushing us into temptation.

          Look at not even war but everyday life in the medieval ages. What were the kings and queens thinking? Throwing people into a pit wouldn’t solve their problems. I’m just really glad police these days don’t put innocent peoples’ heads under a guillotine.

          These days, believe it or not, are worse than those days. Not only is there killing, but also drugs, fame, gossip, etc. Worst of all, some of this is done by children my age.

          I’m just optimistic about life. I’ve got parents that care, several friends, I haven’t failed a grade like many troubled kids, and a home. I don’t even deserve all of it. People in poverty deserve it all. Especially one kid I had met during Christmas time.

          I don’t exactly remember his name, but when I walked into his “house”, I realized only one fourth of it was his home: a room. He shared his room with his father. He slept on a mattress with no pillow.

          I had bought stuff for him and his dad at Target: A pillow, some toys, food; stuff you wouldn’t think was all that great. When I brought it home to him, his favorite present was a pillow.

          It then made me think: Why are we so ungrateful for getting something, even something nice like an I-phone? I mean, why can’t I be like this kid who savors a pillow? All I know is that he’s a trooper and the “cool” people are ungrateful and selfish.

© 2010 John P. Eiler

Author's Note

John P. Eiler
Please don't be offended if you think you are "cool" because nobody in this world is neither cool nor weird.

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Added on September 23, 2010
Last Updated on September 23, 2010


John P. Eiler
John P. Eiler

Irving, TX

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