It looks like compassion

It looks like compassion

A Chapter by Calypso

Aden stood in the gate of his foster parent’s house. Nancy and Ed stood by him watching for the social worker to come.

Ed, a man who never showed emotions, stood behind Aden with a solid face. Sure he liked Aden but he didn’t have high hopes that they could adopt him. Most of his time was spent at work making tires so he didn’t spend as much time with Aden as Nancy had. Aden knew his relationship with Ed was fair and that was mostly because of Ed’s aura. His aura was bright yellow, a sign of someone afraid of losing control.

Nancy was right beside Aden and was trying to unsuccessfully hide her tears. She surly wasn’t weeping loudly, but she was trying to stop the tears. Aden could clearly see the tissue balled up in her fist. 

Ed kept his hand on Nancy’s shoulder. Aden wasn’t sure what the motive for that.

Everything was great that day. It was cloudy with a slight breeze (just like how Aden likes it) and Kayla was at a friends. For the time being he did have to deal with her apathy towards him or her addictive aura for that matter.

Nancy was the first to see the social worker’s blue car. Aden had always fancied that car. Despite lugging around hundreds of foster kids her car remanded clean and smelling new. 

The car pulled into the drive way and Ed squeezed Aden shoulder before leaving Nancy’s side to greet the social worker, Hazel.

She was dressed in a black pencil skirt, black stilettos, and a plain blouse. Her chestnut color hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her face was never lacking the right amount of make-up, not too little or too much.

Hazel has always been Aden’s social worker. He wasn’t sure if every foster kid had the same social worker calling to check in or to drive them to a new foster home, but it always happened to be Hazel who do these things.

She seemed to favor Aden, but not in a lustful way. Hazel just seemed to enjoy his company. Aden has a habit of making women addicted to him.

Before getting in the car Nancy gave Aden one last, long hug. Aden patted her back and promised to e-mail her. Ed shook his hand and with compassion called him son.

Aden was starting to become emotional, something that can be dangerous to aura vampires.

He slid in to the back of Hazel’s car and sat in the back. Hazel sat behind the driver’s seat right after Aden did. As she was pulling out he gave a quick wave to Ed and Nancy and within minutes they were nothing more then a blur.

“I bet they’ll miss you.” Hazel finally said. Of course they would miss him; Aden knew he would miss them too, but he wasn’t sure if it was them or their auras he would miss.

Aden placed his hand on Hazel shoulder. She jumped at first but then relaxed. She has a turquoise aura, the aura of a compassionate therapist. 

He was feeding quickly because if he held his hand on her any longer things might become awkward.

“Are you okay?”

Aden took his hand off and placed in his pocket. He was feeling wonderful and because of the aura, a little bit compassionate.

© 2011 Calypso

Author's Note

Its fun to write about a jerk.

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Just enough of humor in this dark story. A nice touch.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is wonderful and I love the idea of feeding off an aura. Amazing, starts out sad and then creepy again.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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