August 21

August 21

A Chapter by Calypso

August 21

            “I doubt you’ll feel nothing more then a prick. And a small one at that.” Dr. Mendel bends forward until I could feel his hot, sticky breath on the crook of my arm.

            He pushed the needle in and my breath caught in my throat. He never was the most graceful person to put a needle in someone’s skin.

            “How long will it take for the blood work to come back?”

            Dr. Mendel stood up and turned to place the tubes and used needles into a waste bin. “Tomorrow. We’ll know by the time your dad shows up.”

            Dr. Mendel handed me a case filled with band-aids. I started to file thought them as I asked. “Do you know what time my Dad is coming?”

            “I believe at 1p.m. Of course you won’t be expected until an hour after that.”

            I finally picked a purple crayon shaped band-aid and applied it onto the bleeding spot.

            “Who should I ask?”

            “About the time?”

            “Yes. I would like to know so I can schedule my practice time around it.”

            Dr. Mendel had his hand on his door and his eyes on his watch went he answered. “Ask Janna.”

            So I did. Janna was sitting at the desk when I found her during free time. As I approached she dropped her pen. “Hi Aelge is your physical finished.”

            “Yes. I’m on my way to practice. I saw you and I wanted to ask you about tomorrow.”


            “Well what time is my Dad stopping by. I need to know so I can practice.”

            Janna drummed her fingers against the desk. “2, if I remember right. We’ll need you at 3. How does that sound?”

            “Good enough for me.” I waved and left Janna to her work.

            When the music therapist stopped by thirty minutes later I spoke to her. “So what’s the plan after I leave? I can’t come here everyday like I am now. School will start up in two weeks.”

            “You have a piano, don’t you?”


            “And on Saturdays you can stop by, help with music therapy, and we’ll go over the music for an hour. How does that sounds?”

            “Like a winner to me.”

            She walked over to her mini-frig and pulled two orange juices out. “Good, cause I had no clue what we could do.”

            After placing the orange juice on top of the keyboard and left me alone.

            Things are good.


© 2012 Calypso

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Why doesn't the music therapist have a name? And I believe they already discussed the fact that she has a piano. You also got a little mixed up and have two chapter August 22nds, even though this one is the 21st.

Posted 10 Years Ago

wow I missed a couple chapters. oh well! these are awesome.

Posted 11 Years Ago

It's nice to read she feels things are good.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was a very happy chapter which was good.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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