Chapter I

Chapter I

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter I

January Aria Catherine Rossi desired for a level of perfection she knew she would never have. Looking into the hallow, smiling faces in the photos she felt a sickening amount of envy and desire bubble into her chest.

          The face of her old best friend reminded January of all the sad love poems they wrote in sophomore English class. The girl’s face was covered in piercing and she expressed the anguish in her soul with sappy and dramatic poetry.

          While that friend, Ella, was able to turn the medley of words and rhythms onto beautiful works of art. January, though, tried to write down just anything and felt like her poetry was nothing more then mumbo jumbo.

          Now that best friend is going to New York University for an English major. January just out crossed off creative writing on the growing list of her failures.

          Yet not to be pessimistic January knows in her heart of hearts that’s she’s blessed with a gift. Her body is able to hold a pencil or a paintbrush and channel her soul though it. Her soul comes onto paper with a mixture of shapes and colors. People call this amazing thing art.

          January wasn’t surprised when she was accepted into Apple Blossom Art University. Sure the school is humble but the programs they offered made up for that.

          In truth January knew it would better for her to go to an art school. She has always made good grades in her classes but what she really wanted was to make art.

          When the sun came up on the week after graduation January loaded up her car with a small picnic basket and a book bag with art supplies.

          She drove out to the river an hour away from her home in Durham, North Carolina. Out here the sounds of the city died down into a small murmur.

          January was wearing nothing more then her red bikini and a cotton sundress. Some how though she climbed up the tree and nestled her self in the crook of a branch.

          The stream she wanted to capture was slow moving and 10 feet deep. The water glistened as it moved her rocks and around fallen tree branches.

          She placed the drawing pad onto her lap. In her left hand was a 6H graphite pencil.

          Without much fuss January began to draw the sweeping sides of the river. She would glance up time to time to see how the river bend or moved over rocks.

          January knew that her portfolio was already accepted by the university but she wanted to do better and better, she wanted to become better and better.

          While watching the river she was drew into in it. She wanted more then anything to jump into the waters and swim forever.

          She was able to finish the drawing before the call from the water became too much.

          With a flick of the wrist she placed the drawing pad onto the ground. Then she peeled the sundress off.

          It was hot and she was beginning to sweat under the dress. Freeing herself of the sticky dress made her feel liberated. The sun bared harshly down onto her back, which left her with a warm spot on her neck she knew would turn into a burn in a few hours.

          Steadying herself on the branch she looked down onto the river and after studying the water January jumped feet first into the chilling stream.

© 2012 Calypso

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Apr 23, 2012
Teen fiction

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I like the complete story. I like the history of the characters at the beginning. The storyline is very good. I like her name, January. I like how you ended the chapter. A excellent opening chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Nice first chapter! Definetly did a great job setting the scene and introducing your character and giving some backstory!

Posted 11 Years Ago

You've really made January sound like an artist! Great job on this opening chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have great literary turn of phrase from time to time, but without being too pretentious I enjpy that

Posted 11 Years Ago

great start to the book. i'm really enjoying this so far :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I loved the descriptions and how you draw out January's character and how she thinks. Very well written

Posted 11 Years Ago

Good first Chapter;
very interesting story idea.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great book so far, a wonderful idea for a book

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sounds relaxing and eaceful so far and i think it's a great start! msg me when u posted the 2nd chapter! ^^

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A Story by Calypso

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