Chapter X

Chapter X

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter X

          “I feel like crap.” January’s half sister, Celia, whined, “Today alone my professors gave me enough homework to snap my back. You’d think that the professors would know that Halloween is tomorrow. By the way you’re coming to the party, right?”

          January was daydreaming and had heard nothing her sister said. “What?”

          “There will be a party tomorrow night at Jamie’s. Her parent’s are letting her borrow the house for a small, alcohol free party. Since you planned to stay the weekend with me she wants you to come.”

          Oh Jamie, how could January forget Celia’s lesbian roommate? She was a blond beauty who always wore red lipsticks. In fact January can’t think of a time when Jamie didn’t have lipstick on the color of blood. January was convinced somewhere Jamie has a living will that says that someone has to put red lipstick on her even if she is dead or in a coma.

          Celia was behind the wheel of her car and it had splendor. The make was 2002 red Lincoln with black leather enterer. In the summer you would sit in that car and swear your flesh was being burn off but any other time it made Celia look dangerous and sexy.

          There was also a faint smell of cigarette smoke in the car. The only thing is that neither Celia nor Jamie smokes. Knowing her sister Celia has been giving other people rides.

          “What are tonight’s plans?” It had been planned for January to spend the weekend since the summer. She wanted to come up with a lie. In the past month the only time she ever left her room was to bath, eat and go to class. Other then that she spent all her time in her room with Willow who would rather read from her torn books then talk. And that suited January just fine.

          “Well Jamie and I wanted to take you out for a girl’s night.” Celia winked and stuck out her tongue. “Aren’t we just devilish?”

          January wanted to sigh and beg her sister to take her back to North Carolina but instead she answered with. “Like what though?”

          “We’re taking you out to Olive Garden, my treat. Consider it your birthday gift from me. Then Jamie wants to get your nails done, that’s her gift. Then we’ll both by you a costume for the party.”

          Jamie has always liked January a lot. January was never sure why though. It was costmary for January to spend the weekend with Jamie and Celia around her birthday since Celia started college.

          “No, you don’t have to…”

          “Now I want to hear nothing of it!”

          Celia rolled down the windows and yelled over the wind. “I’m going to Mass soon. Do you want me to drop you off, or do you want to go? Have you been in church?”

          January had been in church just she had promised her family but if that knew it was a protestant church they would all keel over. “I’ll go with you.”

          The church they went to was dimly lit and the candles though a distant eerie shadows all over the church. There were few people. Some sat in the pews crying while other kneeled on the runners and prayed.

          Without anything spoken Celia kneeled on a runner in the back of the sanctuary. Celia pulled out a rosary with black, black bead from her pocket. Instead of doing the same January watched her sister.

          January did join her in the making the Sign of the Cross. Under her breath Celia started reciting the Apostles’ Creed. January felt like she had sinned terribly and there was no amount of words that could have her from God’s eventual wrath. By the time Celia reached the SorrowfulMystery January came up off of the runner and walked outside to the car.


          “It’s the beautiful January in the flesh!” Jamie cried. She embraced January and ended it soon after. 

          Celia giggled comfortably and too hugged Jamie.

          “The life of a hugger.” Jamie commented and the three laughed but January did nothing more then smile.

          “So this will be where you sleep.” Jamie tapped the air mattress with her big toe. “I covered it up with fleece blankets.”

          In the small space between Jamie and Celia the air mattress sat. It looked semi-comfortable and it took all of the floor space left over. For anyone go to the other end of the dorm they would have to climb over Jamie or Celia’s bed.

          Jamie took January’s suitcase from her. “I believe it’s time we buy her a costume.”

          After a quick, greasy dinner they piled into Celia’s car and drove to the mall ten minutes away. There was a specialty Halloween store there that stayed 365 days of the year.

          Rubber masks lined the walls. The mannequins wore sluty costumes. In the far back of the small store was cheap gag gifts.

          January had to only stand at the back and Jamie and Celia showed up with costumes. Really all January wanted was to go home and sleep. She had a killer headache and stomach ache but she stayed stationary for her sister.

          Celia picked a piece that was supposed to make her look like a prisoner but made her look like a black and white barber pole.

          Jamie picked out a killer out fit but it looked plain terrible. To get the pain over with January chose a pixie costume. Thankfully it didn’t make her look too lose.


          At the party both Jamie and Celia didn’t notice January, and that suited her fine. While Jamie flirted and Celia laughed January sat on the stairway counting down the minutes until the party ended.

          In the past Halloween was her favorite holiday but this year it was just another day. She felt like the emo kids people made fun of in high school. She had been called emo a few times but never had she felt as sad in her life.

          Depression was just getting the better of her that night. At midnight they left and January was more then happy to sleep twelve hours.

© 2011 Calypso

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Sad. Her life is going downhill now.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Poor girl. To fight pain alone would be very difficult. The chapter allow the reader to feel her sadness and growing depression. A excellent chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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