Chapter XI

Chapter XI

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XI

          “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” The crowd of faces at Olive Garden embarrassed her. After the meal Jamie had called for the waiters to come and lead to January being sung to.

          She blushed a deep red.

          “How old are you?” One of the waitresses asked.

          “Nineteen.” January mumbled. She just wanted to finish her salad before going back.

          “Sorry January I just couldn’t resist.” Jamie smiled goofily.

          While January quickly ate her food Jamie and Celia chatted. One of the waitresses brought a piece of cake and January never touched it.


          Back at the dorm January’s stomach was killing her. She knew she shouldn’t have eaten the spaghetti with peppers. Celia was lying on her bed playing her Nintendo DS and Jamie sat in the only rocker in the room. Her Freudian psychology textbook was open and sitting on her lap.

          “What are you doing?” Jamie asked looking up from her game.

          “I need to finish an essay on Freud’s theories on human development. The professor is having me write on the Anal Stage.”

          “After you earn your bachelor’s in Psychology where will you go for graduate studies?” January asked.

          Jamie stopped what she was doing and started doodling on the edge of her paper. “NYU was a graduate program in psychology.”

          “When you’re a psychologist, “Celia started, “Will you always doodle when they say something boring. You do that in class now.”

          “No.” Jamie laughed. “I was trying to figure out how to draw a panda.”

          January stood up on her mattress and took Jamie’s pen. “All you need to do it this, and this, add that and it looks good with a curve like this and finally add the eyes.” She handed Jamie her pen.

          “You were right, she’s good.”

          “Didn’t you have an art showing last month?”

          As fast as lightening Jared’s memory showed up. January felt like she couldn’t breath. Tears started in the corner of her eyes.

          “Are you okay?” Celia leaned towards January and placed a hand on her back. “You look…white.”

          Mindlessly she nodded. “I feel like I’m gonna puke.”

          Jamie was quick to jump up and hand January a basket. January did puke twice. Celia didn’t say it but she gagged as she cleaned up January’s mess. While she did that January fell into a deep, coma like sleep.


          “I’m so sorry that you feel sick.”

          The next morning January woke up (much earlier then anyone else) showered and packed her bag. She felt fine; it was like nothing happened. Jamie and Celia acted like she was still sick the next morning. In fact Jamie volunteered to go out and buy Spirit and January let her go out (Spirit has always been her favorite drink). Because she took the drink Celia and Jamie assumed that she was still sick.

          January kept quiet the rest of the way home. Celia volunteered to buy her lunch but she lied and told her she had too much work to do.

          Back in her dorm Willow was half asleep with Anna Green Gables open and sitting on her chest.

          January just shoved her suitcase under her bed and went to sleep.

© 2011 Calypso

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Wonder which made her sick, thinking of her attacker or having his baby? Poor girl.

Posted 11 Years Ago

A quiet chapter. Just her feeling the life being born and taking some of her strength. I wonder how will she face the world with a baby and what will her response be to questions? A excellent chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

cust mary-customary
went to asleep too.-went to sleep
They just had to bring up the art show, yet again, they didn't know what happened. I wish she would have told her sister...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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