Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XIII

            “Janus, will you please put this on the table? Careful, it’s hot.” Lily huffed. She took the casserole from the counter and placed it on January’s open arms.

          The hot plate burnt her skin on contact. It felt like the plate was pinching her. Without thinking she dropped it on the ground and it shattered. “F**k Mom, worn someone, won’t you?”

          Lily plucked the towel from the table and began to wipe up the glass, cabbage and cracker mix. “I’m so, so sorry.”

          January began to weep. It was flood of tears mixed with the sweat on her brow. “I…I guess I shouldn’t have cursed.”

          Lily yelped and looked at her finger. A thin line of blood ran down her index finger. She tried to nurse it with tap water and a paper towel. “Are you crying?”

          January placed her hands on her face. “I’m sorry Mom.” She kneeled down pick the shards of glass out of the food.

          Lily didn’t answer, she just hugged January and walked back into the kitchen to make another casserole.



          Being 8 weeks pregnant make January feel scared. Between moments devoted for schoolwork she would Google what happened during a pregnancy. What she read made it seem like a horror film. Food cravings, mood swinging, gaining weight and being tired were just the beginning.

          When January was a junior she had taken an anatomy class. When they came to pregnancy and labor they had to watch a video of a women give birth.

          The sophomores in the class gagged and screamed. The seniors watched with gross horror. January, being the only junior in the class, watched with fascination. It was like the baby literally popped out of the women’s body.

          She looked like the only one who was really interested by the video so she started to text. If only she had known that would be happening to her she would have paid more attention.

          At 8 weeks the baby in an inch big and looks less like a fish and more like a human. January’s body hasn’t changed much and she looks just like she always has.

          Last night January was unpacking her bags when she received a call from the doctor.

          “January Rossi? This is Dr. Penny, how are you?’

          January pressed the cell phone into her ear. There was no need for her to talk here, now. Lily would be able to hear her. Also you never know who might bust in. “Give me a minute.”

          January ran to her car and luck for her no one was in the living room.


          “How are you feeling? Do you feel like coming in?’

          “What?” She growled.

          “You need prenatal care. You know, if you want to keep the baby.”

          January had only faintly thought of abortion. After telling Dr. Penny abortion is wrong the longing to abort the child had crossed her mind three times. Most night she would tell herself she would make the decision another day but she never had come to a conclusion.

          “I guess… Do I really need it?”

          “Yes. Something could happen to you.”

          January pinched the bridge of her nose. “And this would be paid for?”

          “Are you going to keep the baby?”

          “I don’t know…” She whined. “How the hell should I know?”

There was a pause and then she asked. “Have you thought about… therapy? I’m sure…”

           “I’m too busy.” January responded cutting her off.

          The doctor bounced back by saying “There are people out there who can help you though this hard time.

          Again January repeated, “I’m too busy.”

          Dr. Penny sounded like she was about to say something else so January said, “I’ll think about it.”

          “Well let me know.”

          “Sure will.”

          After turning off her phone and she turned on the radio. Something that sounded like rock mixed with rap mixed with jazz blared though her speakers. 

          The sudden blast of music almost made January jump out of her skin so she turned it down.

          She stayed where she was until the Thanksgiving dinner guests came. A brother and twp sisters from her mother’s side, a cousin from George’s and a random work friend.

          Lily had tried to make the meal seem fancy. She played a CD with piano music on it. There were crystal gantlets and fake china.

          Lily had made the whole meal. The potatoes were mashed by hand; the gray was made from stray bit of turkey. When baking the turkey she had poured half a bottle of Sherry over it. She said she had seen it on Food Channel and just had to try it.

          January was sure that Lily had spent a day and a half on the meal. It took the group an hour to eat the food, and most of the time was spent on silly conversation about gas prices and football.

After the spicy pumpkin pie her mother brought out the wine.

          Wine has always been a part of every holiday meal though out her life, but she was never allowed to drink of it.

          Lily poured everyone half a glass of red, Chardonnay wine. After the adults over 21 were served Lily poured another glass.

          “You’re an adult now Janus. Why not celebrate like one?”

          January took the glass from her mother and smelled it. It smelled like vinegar.

          “That will be your only glass. On one is getting more then one, I don’t have enough for that.”

          January looked down into the dark, red liquid and drank it.

          Her face contoured with the taste but after it settled she smiled and thanked her mother.

© 2011 Calypso

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I feel sorry for this girl. I hope soon she starts talking before she can't hide the fact anymore. It would be better to open up before people start noticing and wonder why she never said anything to anyone but that's easy to say. I'm enjoying your story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Will be hard to hide a baby soon. I like how you are making each situation important. I believe parent would gave support and would of been a better situation. To battle alone the pain of rape would be a impossible task. I like the ending to the excellent chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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